How to Wear: Midi Skirts

It’s a beautiful day here in sunny Queensland and the first day of October.  Today’s post is  a new series of posts that I will do called ‘How to Wear’.  In these posts, I will give you tips and tricks on how to wear fashion, make up and hair looks.  To kick things off I thought I would start with this season’s must have the ‘midi skirt’.

I absolutely love this length and have been wearing it for years.  Working as a teacher does limit certain items of clothing, so I guess this is why I love the midi length.

So what is a midi skirt?

Midi skirts finish just below the knee to mid-calf and this is how they got their name.  Some people also call them swing skirts.

This trend can be a little had to pull off.  It’s all about finding a length that is right for your body.

Some things you should consider before making a midi purchase:

  • Get the balance right – If your midi skirt has a lot going on such as a busy print or colour then keep your top half simple.  Make sure your top is tucked in or wear a crop top so you don’t loose your waistline.
  • Wear a cropped jacket – A cropped jacket will sit nicely with your midi skirt and keep your waistline in sight.  If you wear a longer line jacket, you’ll accentuate the wrong area (and nobody wants that)
  • It’s all in the length –  Getting the length right is crucial with this skirt.  Petite ladies should not go longer than the knee.  While taller ladies can go past the knee.  You may need to alter the length to one that best suits you.
  • You’ll feel super feminine – Some women tend to steer clear of this length because they think it will do nothing for them.  When in fact it’s actually the opposite.  A midi skirt is uber feminine, glam and sophisticated.  Team them back with a midi heel to add another element of glam.

Here is some of my midi skirt collection

midi 1

As you can see this print is very busy, so I teamed it with a plain white blouse.

midi 2

Here I am wearing a midi with a cropped jacket.

midi 3

Once again, I have left the pattern at the bottom and kept the top half plain.

This would have to be one of my favourite midi skirts.

What do you think about the midi skirt?

Alex x

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    Love this post!
    I have been admiring midi skirts for some time now but never could think of ways to style them.
    Mind checking out my blog? 🙂

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      Awesome – you need to get one 🙂

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        I think I will now that I read your post! 🙂

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    I absolutely love the midi skirt, it is a school staple for me. You look pretty but can still cross your legs on the floor, a must for a junior Primary teacher! Thanks for the blog!

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    Love them. Where is the second one from please with the cropped jacket? Thanks!

    • avatar

      Hi Rachel,

      I posted this last year so I don’t think you’d be able to get them now.

      But it was from Veronika Maine.

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