How to Wear: The Bold Red Lip

This post is definitely one for anyone heading out to the races today or out on the town tonight.  This post is extra special because it’s the first by our new resident make up artist Rachel Macintosh.  Rachel is an established make up artist based in Wollongong and will be posting some super ideas for us to try and answering any of your make up questions.  Her first post is all about the bold red lip.  If you’re like me, you’ve trialled this at home but at the last minute take it off before you leave the door.  Lucky Rachel is here to save us and has some great, easy to follow tips and steps on how to wear this lip look.

The bold red lip is an iconic statement, it is very wearable and it easily transforms a day look to a night look.

Tip number 1- Always have a flawless base (foundation & concealer). If you add a red lip and your base isn’t flawless, the lipstick will actually enhance any blemishes, pigmentation or rosacea that you might have.

Tip number 2- You MUST ALWAYS wear a lip liner! This will make your lipstick look more crisp and will prevent it from bleeding out the edges.

Step 1: Line your lips prior to applying your lipstick, focus on perfecting your cupid’s bow.

Step 2: Once you have the outline, you want to fill in your lips with the lipstick of your choice. THE ONLY RULE: The lipstick must be a perfect match to the lip liner OR LIGHTER. Never use a darker lipstick than your lip liner as this will make your lips appear smaller and gives a messy finish.

Step 3: Once you have filled in your lips with your lipstick, you need to ‘re line’ your lips with the same lip pencil again. Gently rub and pat your lips together. This fuses the two products & finishes off the look.

Tip number 3 – Remember a classic red lip is best kept matte. However, If you want to add a gloss only apply a VERY small amount to the center of your bottom lip and gently pat them together. If you over gloss, your red lip will soon turn into a red chin!

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