The Do’s & Don’ts with Fake Eyelashes – By Rachel Macintosh

We all want that flirty fluttering eye look, but at what price? We don’t want to be that girl whose fake lashes are lifting at the corners at 2am in the club, or to be gluing our eyes closed when we’re already running late to dinner!!

So let me help you with a step by step guide to get the perfect fake eyelashes every time.

You can choose from many different types of lashes. The two most common types are ‘individual lashes’ or ‘strip lashes/full set’. Individual lashes are designed like the ‘permanent lash extensions however, they only last for 1 day. They can be applied with just 4 or so on each eye for a natural effect, or as many as you like on each eye for a fuller/more fake look.

The ‘strip lashes/full sets’ are used more commonly as they’re easier to apply on yourself and give a fuller, better (in my opinion) effect.

Ok so lashes go on LAST! Yep, that’s right. Finish all of your makeup, mascara & everything then apply your falsies!!!

Always have a thin eyeliner on your upper lash line beforehand. This makes the lash band blend more seamlessly. You can use either a pencil or a liquid when you do this, but unless you consider yourself a pro, I wouldn’t go applying any falsies unless you have liner on top!

If you’re using a ‘full set’ make sure they aren’t too wide for your eyes. To do this, just place one on top of your eye and if some is hanging over the outer edge then take it off & cut them from the outside of the lashes. As a general rule, I cut a bit less than a quarter off each set for MOST women’s eyes, including my own.

Put the glue onto your hand & run the lash band through the glue.

Wait for the glue to go tacky before you put the lashes on. I wait at least 90 seconds. This will ensure the lashes grip instantly & don’t slip and slide around your eyeliner.

Try looking down into a handheld mirror when applying them, you can use tweezers, I know this makes it easier for me to see where the lash is going!

Line them up with the middle of your eye, then hold down the outside, and then the inside. Repeat on the other side.

Once they’re both on, grab your eyeliner again (this time I would recommend a gel or liquid, no pencils) and carefully go back over the lash band. This hides the glue & gives a very fresh professional finish.

If you’re using the individual lashes follow all of the same principles, however, you’re placing one single lash in place at a time.

I get my lashes online at and in particular I purchase the Red Cherry brand. They are great quality at a very low price & they ship to Australia! I pay only $2.50 for each pair of lashes, bargain right?!

In particular if I am looking for a natural set I get 747s or the DW. They’re both beautiful lashes. If I’m looking for something a little more dramatic I like the #48 or 747L. They are all ‘Full Sets’. The individuals are individual xs, individual m, etc.

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Will you give them a go?

Rachel x

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