Energy – By Laura from Fox and Feather Interiors

Attention: I am not a trained Psychologist nor do I hold a qualification about the topic. The only qualification I have on this matter is life, experience and wanting to share what I have learnt.

Our busy lives require an immense amount of energy. Whether it be our jobs, looking after children, taking part in physical activity or even just getting out of bed!

Therefore the energy we have, we do not want to waste! It is precious stuff!

Everybody has negative situations or people in their lives, it is almost impossible to avoid. Whether it be that demanding boss, self-absorbent colleague or that guy who put you down when you were out with the girls. The trick is, choosing if you are going to give it your energy or NOT!

These negative people do NOT deserve even an ounce of your precious energy. This is called managing your energy output.

Now I’m not talking about making ourselves just as bad as them. We all know if takes more energy to be negative than it does positive. I am talking about rising above, realising you DO NOT want these people effecting your day and attempting to not give it another thought. Every time you worry about what someone thinks of you or a situation that happened. That is giving over your energy.

We cannot be ignorant and think we can completely avoid these negative types forever. But do try to limit your interaction with them and make any interaction polite, but do not go into any depth with them or share anything too personal.

Managing your energy out-put includes the way you perceive yourself too. Do not waste your time and energy on parts of your body you cannot change (height, genetics etc) Put your energy to good use and realise your assets, your best features and ROCK THEM!

Above all, be realistic and true to yourself. Is that person who is constantly putting you down REALLY worth thinking about non-stop and wasting your energy? Definitely not, put that energy into people that really matter, call your bestie or give a puppy a cuddle!

Don’t forget to pamper your energy, take some time for yourself to meditate, reflect and just be quiet so you can tune in and listen to the real YOU!

Laura x

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