Back to Work Makeup Tips by Rachel Macintosh

Hey everyone,

I trust you have all well and truly enjoyed the silly season.

Starting a new year is always exciting, let’s kick it off with some simple steps which will help you ace your ‘Back to Work Makeup Look’ for 2015.

1. Use a primer! Your skin needs to be protected from everyday free radicals, especially from the air conditioning that most of us have in our offices or schools. You also want to look as fresh as possible come 3pm, so do yourself a favor and PRIME. Napoleon Perdis does a great primer for $59 and if you’re looking for a more affordable option, try the Australis primer which also has chamomile and vitamins. Don’t just prime sometimes, commit to it everyday.

2. Ensure the foundation that you were using last year is still the correct shade for you now. Some lucky holiday goers have been sipping Pina Coladas on a beach and enjoying the sun. If this was you, I suggest to add some bronzer to your look. Simply use a big powder brush on your forehead, cheeks and jaw line. This saves you from having to purchase a whole new foundation.

3. Use concealer around your eyes – not foundation! I know we all have zero time in the mornings, however, I promise you that concealer around your eyes instead of foundation will actually hide dark circles and prevent the aging process (most foundations have SPF in them, which is a big ‘No No’ for the eye area, as it can cause creasing). Plus, who doesn’t want to look more fresh and awake returning from holidays?!

Last but not least,
4. Wear lipstick! Lipstick is the fastest and easiest way to transform yourself from ‘Sheets to Streets’ in seconds. Remember when selecting a lip colour, if you have cool toned skin to choose a cool tone lipstick and a warm tone if you’re warm toned. Putting in that little bit more of an effort, will make you feel fresh and ready to tackle another year head on – day by day of course!

I hope you enjoyed these tips, feel free to follow me on my social media for more in-depth makeup tutorials and much more.

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What’s your morning makeup routine?

Rachel x

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    I’m always confused with primer, sunscreen and moisturiser. What do you where?

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      Hi Sarah – I have forwarded this on to Rachel. But you can also go to her FB page and ask her. She will be more than happy to help 🙂

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    Or wear even. Sheesh what a shocker

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    Sorry Sarah I only just saw this question!!!!!!!

    So moisturiser is ALWAYS first. You want this one to sink into your skin.
    Now I don’t use sunscreen as most of my foundations have a built in one, but if you want that extra protection it goes next.
    Then primer, my Napoleon Perdis one has vitamin E built in for extra hydration so I do not moisturise beforehand.

    🙂 Hope this helps x


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