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Toady’s post is for all of the lovely, curvalicious ladies out there. I know that some of you feel that just because you may be more the on the ‘plus size’, that you can’t be fearless and fabulous at work – WRONG. Plus size fashion has really come along over the last couple of years and most stores now carry styles similar to the more petite boutiques. When I was putting this post together, I came across some fabulous plus size boutiques and online stores which include:

I have put together three different looks, that you can easily ‘rock out’ at work.

Look One – Printed Tee and a Black Maxi

This tee is great because it has two different colour tones that create a break on the body. The spilt of the different patterns will make you look slimmer and it has a longer sleeve. A black maxi is great if you want to hide tummy and legs and will go with everything. Add some colourful accessories to make your outfit really pop.

Plus Size 1

Get the look


Look Two – Garden Dress

I just love the print on this dress, it’s the perfect Summer dress for work. The belt will cinch you in at the waist and it has a tulle underlay, which will balance you out on the bottom if you are a little top heavy. If you like to cover your arms, you can simply add a bolero or 3/4 knit.

Plus Size 2Get the look


Look Three – Printed Pants for Printed Pants Friday

Some ladies tend to steer clear from print and pattern because they think it may add or draw attention. Pattern can actually do the opposite if worn correctly. If you are starting to include pattern in your wardrobe, start with baby steps. Choose patterns that are very minimal and basic colours. When wearing print, team it back with a plain piece and let the pattern do the talking for itself. Every Friday is ‘Printed Pants Friday’ at WTTW and ladies from all over the country join in. This outfit would be perfect to wear for PPF.

Plus Size 3

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What items do you have in your work wardrobe?

Alex x

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    Thank you for the post – such great outfits!

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    I went looking for the autograph shirt today and they dudnt have my size, im off to hunt it down 2mro (cant order online because their sizing is crazy different between items). I feel inspired !

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    Another good plus size store is

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