Top Ten Enclosed Toe Work Flats

If you are lucky like me, you are able to wear sandals to work. For those of who have to wear enclosed shoes to work, I have put together a top 10 of flats – that aren’t ballet flats. I have had a few of you send emails and Facebook messages, asking where to get enclosed toe flats from that aren’t ballet flats. I won’t lie, it was hard to find, but I did manage to find some amazing flats and all of them can be purchased from Australian stores.

1. Faraday Pointed Flat – Sportsgirl $59.95

Faraday Flat - Sportsgirl

2. Gigabite Flat – Mimco $199.95

Gigabite Flat - Mimco

3. Hindis Flat – Midas $74.25


4. Avery Espadrille – Seed $89.95

Seed Esp

5. Durst Flat – Mollini $99

Durst - Mollini

6. Dee Cut Out Flat – Target $25

Dee Cut Out

7. Varsity Loafer – Mimco $129

Varsity - Mimco

8. Rivington Flat – Ko Fashion $59.95

Ko Fashion

9. Jaja Flat – Mollini $130


10. Ada Point – Rubi Shoes $19.95



What type of shoes do you wear to work?

Alex x

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    I love those Sportsgirl ones! Beware the sandals – I wore my Salties the other day and was unstacking some stools and a stack of 4 fell onto my big toe – at 8:45 just as kids were coming in the door, on THE FIRST DAY!! Not fun limping around and bleeding everyone on day one!!!!

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      OMG – not a good look! Hope you are ok x

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