How to Wear: Pattern Clash

I know a few of you are probably cringing right now about this post. If you have been following my Instagram and Facebook you would know that I have worn this trend a couple of times. Gone are the days of pattern being restricted to single garments and only worn by people who have eccentric personalities.  Pattern clashing can be achieved by anyone, no matter what size or shape you are. Here are some tips on how to pull off the look, without looking like a crazy person!

What is a pattern clash?

It is pretty simple, it’s when you have at least two different patterns in your outfit. It can be subtle, such as spots and stripes or something a little more adventurous like floral and animal print.

A pattern clash is certainly going to get you noticed, so you must be confident to pull it off. The best part is, you don’t even necessarily have to buy anything new; you just need to think about new combinations using the pieces you already have. If you are unsure where to start, I would start with stripes or spots (a tee, skirt or jacket) and go from there.

Some pattern clashing do’s:

  • Add a pattern/bright colour to black and white. Black and white is something that we all should have somewhere in our wardrobes. Use this as a neutral tone and add a bright print/colour.
  • Choose a colour theme. Pick two prints that have one colour in common, such as a blouse with a navy colour print and match with a skirt or pants and the have the same colour pattern tone. By wearing the same tonal coloured pieces, it will tie the whole outfit together.
  • Have a main pattern. Choose which pattern you want to be your main actor and which one will be the support act. The main pattern should be larger or  bolder. The support act should do just that – support and not compete.
  • Use the same print in different colours or scales. Stripes and spots are great for this.
  • Accessories. Your pattern clash doesn’t always have to come from your clothes. Try mixing a floral necklace with a striped top.

I actually wore this to work yesterday. See how I have kept the same colour theme – monochrome and mixed diamonds and spots. The spots on my top are the main pattern and the patterned diamond pants support the top.

Pattern Clash 1

Top – Free People (Orion)

Pants – Portmans

Shoes – Misano

Necklace – Mimco

Stripes and floral would have to be my favourite pattern clash of all time. Here I teamed my bright floral skirt with a black and white striped top and kept my accessories to a minimum.

Pattern Clash 2

Top – Forever New

Skirt – Target

Shoes – Tony Bianco (similar)

Necklace – The Adorne Collective

Will you give pattern clashing a go?

Alex x

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    Beth at

    I have a starter pattern clash in mind of spots and stripes. Will see how I go!

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