My Top 8 Items that Every Teacher Needs – NOW

I was asked by one of my Instagram followers for my top 8 picks that every teacher needs right now. Some of these I already have.
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1. Tony Bianco Trick Flats in Leopard

A must have in any wardrobe. Leopard is a staple that you need somewhere in your wardrobe

2. Sussan Square Pocket Shirt

A great buy as it is currently HALF PRICE. This shirt is 100% cotton so it is nice and breathable for those like me who don’t have air conditioning in their classroom. I will be teaming this top with a black leather skirt and black pants.

3. Sheike High Tea Skirt

If you don’t have a midi skirt, this is the one for you. It is simple and easy to wear. It will take you from work to dinner effortlessly.

4. Adorne 3 Pointed Resin Necklace

Navy is the colour right now and what better way to wear it than around your neck.

5. Target 7/8 Santeen Pants

If you are looking for a pop of colour to add to your wardrobe, you can’t go past this amazing green. Team these with a navy top and off you go!

6. Country Road Geometric Print Gathered Shirt

A must have work blouse that will last for years. Team it with a midi skirt or black pants.

7. Seed Knitted Poncho

A great piece to have as the mornings will start to become cooler. This poncho is great as you can pop it on and off easily and it will go with any outfit. Add a belt over the top for a different look.

8. Cue Zip Front Dress

Yes, Cue dresses are a little dear but they LAST! I have a skirt that I bought 7 years ago and still wear today. This dress is great as you can easily add a blazer or wear tights underneath for a quirky twist on the dress.

What are your top 8 pieces that you need now?

Alex x

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    Hi there

    As a teacher I love following your page. I mostly wear our school polo but I like to jazz it up with a necklace or printed pants etc.. Do you have any other suggestions for the boring polo, especially for winter?

    Also, I generally wear a mike around my neck so the children can hear me clearly which means I can’t wear beads etc because they interfere with the mike 🙁

    Keep up the good work!

    Leigh 🙂

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      Hi Leigh, thanks for following!

      Do you wear the school polo by choice or do you have to? Honestly, there is not a lot you can do to jazz up a polo. Sounds like you’re already doing it by adding a necklace and polo.

      For winter, you could try and add a long sleeve shirt or cardigan underneath it. Once again, unfortunately there is not a lot that can be done here.

      Have you tried to add some statement earrings with the mic set?

      Alex x

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        Thank you. Yes I do try earrings but need to be a little bolder I think. Thanks for the tip x

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    can i ask wear the stud ankle boots are from?

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      They are from Peep Toe Australia which has unfortunately closed down.

      But keep an eye out for Izoa shoes x

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