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I have had the privilege of attending the amazing Blow Inn Bar Brisbane twice now. The first time I had a wash and blow dry and on Saturday, I had a wash, blow dry, style and make up ( I haven’t had to wash my hair yet). If you are wanting to treat yourself or someone special, then this is the place to go! From the time you walk in you feel like a superstar with an offering of champagne, tea or coffee … did I mention the champagne?! I won’t spoil everything though, you will have to head in for yourself. Keep reading to find out what amazing offer Blow Inn Brisbane are offering all Whattheteacherwears followers for the month of March.


What is Blow Inn Brisbane and where are you located?  

Blow Inn is a blow dry spa, located on the corner of Kingsford Smith Drive and Harbour Road, Hamilton- in the new Riverside Hamilton Harbour precinct.

How was the idea created and how long have you been operating for?

Both owners were finding it difficult to find a styling service in Brisbane that offered excellent client service and experience. Both owners are busy mums who juggle work, homes, children and husbands and understood that Blow Inn had to provide an express service but wanted that experience to be indulgent at the same time. March 19th will be our 1 year anniversary!

Why do you use the term, ‘A day spa for your hair?’

Tired of loud music and sitting around in chairs waiting for a quick blow dry, the owners have designed a space that provides a calm and relaxing experience. Blow Inn developed a process that provides an express service that should never feel like you are rushed in or out the door. There is certainly no pumping music or flat screen TV’s. Our standard Original Blow Out service includes a head massage in an incredibly comfortable massage chair. At the basin our stylist will use either our private label or Altnera Bamboo products depending on your hairs needs. Followed by styling in one our seven signature blow outs. Of course we have treatments to choose and a signature Indian Scalp Massage if your locks need a little TLC.


Are you seeing what I am seeing?? – A remote controlled massage chair at the basin.

Tell us about your little black book.

Blow Inn is all about express styling for women and sometimes we need a little bit of inspiration. Our Little Black Book of our Signature Blow Outs and Up Styles provides our clients with a starting point. Of course if you want a full bodied Blake with loads of height our stylists can do that for you for the same set rate.


What is the most popular style that your clients ask for?

Without a doubt it’s the Cleo. With a wave and a flick and plenty of body and movement, it’s one of those styles that you can wear to a black tie event or a BBQ.

If could you blow any celebrities hair, whose would it be?

There is a long list. Every client is a celebrity needing some time out from the paparazzi! We would love to see Elle McPherson or Heidi Klum sporting a Rita and Beyonce a Cleo!

Can we walk in or should we book an appointment?

We recommend booking so as not to disappoint. You can book online at on your computer or smart phone or just call us on 1300 857 447.

Before & After

Are you ready?

For the month of March, all Whattheteacherwears followers will receive $10 off all blow drys – Normally $50. Simply make an appointment during March and mention the code Whattheteacherwears to receive your $10 discount. The salon is open from Tuesday to Saturday, so get busy and book your appointment now.

What style will you get from the Little Black Book?

Alex x

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