Scrub a Dub-Dub


While we all like to pamper ourselves just like Barbie, but plastic is something that I do not want in my beauty routine.

Over the last couple of years, I have become more aware of the chemicals being put in and on my body.

This has made me venture down the “home-made”  path for facial masks, body scrubs and hair treatments.

I have also been loving products from Lush Cosmetics.

I was reading an article the other day and it highlighted for me WHY it is a great idea!

SPARKLES in your toothpaste. Exfoliating body scrub. Deep facial cleansers. When reading through the ingredients on your bathroom items, one item you wouldn’t expect to see is plastic. However, a significant number of personal care and cosmetic products contain tiny particles of plastic, called microbeads. Sometimes they’re added as an abrasive to get that deeper clean, but sometimes serve no purpose other than decoration.

BIANCA NOGRADY – Microplastic beads: how your exfoliating scrub might be harming the ocean

Have you ever been lathering up your body, admiring those little exfoliating, polishing balls in your tropical island escape body wash and started wondering where they go once down the drain?

They don’t dissolve in the body wash, so what are the chances they dissolve before entering our water ways?

Knowing there is a possibility of micro plastic specs in my toothpaste is alarming enough!

But knowing it could be potentially detrimental to our reefs, increase pollution and hurt beautiful marine animals breaks my heart.

The research is interesting and alarming, however, I am here to help (and pinterest!)

I drink plunger coffee and have been known to put olive oil on my body, get in the shower with the used coffee grounds and Bob’s your Uncle.

All that you need to make your own body scrub is something abrasive (sugar, coffee grounds, almond meal all work well) and also a carrier oil (almond, olive, cocnut, jojoba).

Something Sweet:

Honey and Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Caffeine Addict:

Coconut and Coffee Body Scrub Cubes

Almond of My Eye:

Almond Meal Face Wash

Scrub a dub-dub!

What is your go to scrub?

Laura x


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