Comfy Flats for School

It’s hard to find flats that are comfy, stylish and practical for work. Oh did I say comfy?

After a lot of request to find ‘the comfy work flat’, I think I have found a winner.

The Lopez Cut from DJANGO & JULIETTE in black/tan from Styletread.

As teachers, we are on out feet alllll day and by the end (sometimes at break time) of the day, we just want to take our shoes off.

I wore these flats last Wednesday and can honestly say that my feet were as happy as a pig in mud.

The lining and the upper part are made from leather, a much better alternative to most of the plastic flats that we wear.

They are enclosed around the back of your ankle and have a strap on the top too. So they won’t fall off when you are on playground duty or having a running race (yes, I was wearing these during a race). I didn’t win, but that was definitely not because of my choice of footwear.

Have a look how I styled The Lopez Cut last week for work.

Get the Look

SHEIKE Dark Blooms Blouse ll Dotti Utility Pocket Midi Skirt ll SHEIKE Images Belt ll DJANGO & JULIETTE Lopez Flats from Styletread

Have you found your comfy work flats yet?

Alex x

*Note – these shoes were gifted to me from Styletread

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    Hi love!

    I’ve just discovered your blog as a first year middle/secondary student teacher in SA and am loving your tips.

    I was just wondering if you could suggest any non-leather/vegan friendly comfy school appropriate shoes?

    Thanks in advance! Have a lovely day. X

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      Hi there,

      Try Misano shoes. They have some non leather options and are Perth based.


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