Teaching with Leith

Teaching with Leith

How long have you been teaching for and what grades or subjects have you taught?

I am a second year teacher and have been teaching a 2/3 composite class for those 2 years.

Why did you become a teacher?

I became a teacher because I love kids and I felt the best way I could contribute to their lives was to teach them. I also had two teachers in my schooling that really inspired me to become a teacher.

What are 3 things that every teacher should have in their classroom?

  • Sit spots – these are Velcro dots that the kids sit on when on the floor! They are great because the kids know where they need to be rather that spread across the room.
  • Maths packs – these are annoying to make but they really make life a lot easier in the long run! I have one for each student and they consist of a clock, number lines, part-part-whole, tens frames, season Charts, 100s chart, number expanders etc.
  • Individual mini whiteboards – I use these daily as warm ups for any subject!
  • A stash of chocolate Smiling face with smiling eyes

What’s the best part about your job?

Working with kids and seeing them make gains and achievements.

Tell us about the funniest thing that has happened to you at school.

When marking some spelling tests I came across some very funny spelling errors. Some too inappropriate to mention.

Your top 3 tips for a beginning teacher:

  • Be organised. If you aren’t organised then it can feel like you’re out of control. Kids need structure and having everything planned helps keep them on task and motivated.
  • Having said that be prepared to be flexible. Sometimes the best lesson you have planned will just not work for one reason or another. When this happens you just have to go with a different track and that’s ok.
  • Make sure you have a break. Don’t let the first year out consume your whole life! Yes we work long hours and have to do work after school, but sometimes you need to just pack up and go home without any marking, planning or organising.

What does your teacher wardrobe consist of?

I love my boots this winter. I have two pairs of ankle boots (black and tan) and wear them every day!

Good black pants are the base to my wardrobe. I love to wear these with any button shirt and a jumper. Super easy for busy, cold mornings!

Last summer I went through a phase of midi skirts. I actually ended up sewing 4 of my own and wore them to death!

What is the one item that every teacher must have in their wardrobe?

Black work pants. The staple to every wardrobe.

Have you ever had a teaching fashion faux pas?

Not that I can think of.

If you weren’t a teacher you would be a youth worker. If I was to totally move away from working with children maybe something in beauty.

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