Teaching with Kathryn

Teaching with Kathryn

How long have you been teaching for and what grades or subjects have you taught?

I have been teaching for 18 years.

I have taught Grades 4, 5, and 7 and currently teach Grade 2.

Why did you become a teacher?

From a very young age I knew I would teach one day. I loved school and as a child, always had a classroom set up in my bedroom.

I became a teacher because I love children and I love the process of teaching. I enjoy finding interesting ways to present content. I’m a bit partial to having a good “chat”, so talking all day suits me!

Most importantly, I teach because I was inspired by some amazing teachers I had growing up.  They brought learning to life and always believed in me. They encouraged me to be my best in all areas of life.  What a privilege that I can follow their lead and make a positive difference in the lives of the children I teach.

What are 3 things that every teacher should have in their classroom?

  •  Tissues
  •  A big smile and a sense of humour
  •  Blue tack

What’s the best part about your job?

There are too many to mention! Mostly the funny things children say. I could write a book about them. They are very honest and it’s probably a good thing the parents don’t hear everything that is shared in Show & Tell . When I taught Grade 5 many years ago, I had a little blonde boy get down on one knee and propose to me in front of the class! Little did he know my husband worked at the same school and he was promptly introduced. It was hard to get control of my class back after that incident!

Your top 3 tips for a beginning teacher

  • Ask lots of questions and find a great mentor. Always have a plan B.
  • Share ideas and resources with your collegues…teaching is a team effort.
  • Enjoy your holidays!!!

What does your teacher wardrobe consist of?

Varied, depending on the day and my mood!

Bright, colourful scarves, flowy dresses and jewellery one day, and then a more classic, tailored look the next.

Stretch pants, a nice shirt, cardi and flats are practical, but I also love dressing up and putting on the heels or boots. Totally impractical (see shoe disasters below) but I love it all the same. The girls often comment on my clothes and are brutally honest in their appraisals. They are generally very complimentary though.

What is the one item that every teacher must have in their wardrobe?

Pants that stretch!  I spend a lot of time reaching up, bending down, stretching, leaning over and even dancing!!

Have you ever had a teaching fashion faux pas?

Several and mostly to do with shoes! Anyone at my school can tell you one of my shoe disaster stories. I have broken quite a few pairs (my lovely boss even raced off to buy me a new pair so I wouldn’t be the barefoot teacher). I’ve had to use my scissors to convert sandals to thongs, and a hot glue gun to secure ripped heels from soles. I even broken my toe last year!

My tip: keep a spare pair in your car!

If you weren’t a teacher you would be….

probably running my own business of some sort, most likely food related.

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