Accessories 101: Part One Statement Jewellery

This post is the first about all about Accessories.

In these post, I will be passing on some of my tips and tricks.

To kick start, I’m talking all about statement jewellery.

Ok I will admit it. I am addicted to accessories, necklaces in particular.

I just love how a statement piece can bring a whole outfit together.

The best part, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

Some of my favourite pieces are under $10.

Since working as a stylist and shopping with clients, I am frequently being asked about accessories.

The most common questions are:

  • What pieces should I own?
  • How do I wear it?
  • Where do I get it?

When it comes to pieces that you should own, I suggest to start with the basics and build on.

Choose neutral colours, black/white & silver/gold.

These colours will go with a lot more in your everyday wardrobe.

Once you have these, then I say go crazy with colour.

When someone ask ‘How do I wear this?’, they are really saying ‘What do I wear this with?’.

When starting off with statement accessories, make sure you feel comfortable with the piece/pieces that you have chosen.

Statement accessories can go with literally anything.

You can either choose pieces that compliment your outfit via colour or texture or go totally OTT with pieces that will clash and make a point of difference.

Some of my favourite place to get accessories from are:

Most clothing stores also sell accessories too, so you can grab your outfit and jewels.

Whatever you do, make sure your pieces are somewhere accessible in your wardrobe.

That means, somewhere where you can see them and easily put them on.

Otherwise, if you can’t see it, you won’t wear it.

Here are some ideas on how you can wear some new pieces from my online store.


1 Country Road Print Strap Top $129.00 – 2 WTTWs Box Chain V Necklace $39.95 – 3 Windsor Smith Bondi Sandals $89.95 – 4 Sportsgirl Rendezvous Sunglasses $49.95 5 Sportsgirl Poppy Tote Bag $49.95 6 Seed Straight Rip Denim $89.95

10121 Target Eyelet Shift Dress $49 – 2 WTTWs Many Paper Tassel Stud Earring $15.95 – 3 Natalie Alamein Hola Clutch $100 – 4 Tony Bianco Fortune Heel $199.95


1 Marcs Silk Tank $169 – 2 Seed Broderie Shorts $99.95 – 3 Country Road Linen Bag $129 – 4 WTTWs 5 Strand Beaded Necklace $44.95 – 5 Seed Amber Sneaker $59.95

Are you addicted to accessories like me?

Alex x

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    You know I am Alex 😉

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    I love an accessory, I had my 3 girls in three years and this really started my accessory love as it was about all I could fit as I was always pregnant! I love how a statement necklace can really lift a plain tee and a whole outfit. I find Birdsnest has some great accessories

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      I never thought of them that way Kate. Great tip.
      Will check out Birdsnest for accessories.

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