Playground Duty Hats

Ok ladies, let’s be honest. Is your playground duty hat well past its expiry date?

Has your hat lost its shape and the colour faded?

Or are you a beginning teacher and uncertain about choosing a suitable playground duty hat?

If you answered yes, then this post is for you.

When choosing a playground duty hat, the most important things are comfort and sun safety.

Your hat must be comfortable, as you could be wearing it for up to 30 mins while on duty, or longer if you are attending a sports day.

Before going on duty, I always put on some sunscreen and take my sunglasses.

You can head to the Queensland Government’s Project SPF for some great tips on staying pretty forever.


Forever New Nelly Straw Fedora $29.95


Witchery Belted Sunhat $69.95


Lyla and Bo Gypsy Lights Fedora $99.95


Sportsgirl Hello Sunshine Sunhat $19.98

Hat5Glassons Packable Wide Brims Hat $24.99


Mimco Louvre Panama $69.00


Seafolly Therese Frayed Hat $69.95


Dotti Classic Floppy Hat $29.95


Seed Oversized Wide Hat $59.95


Target Daisy Roll Up Visor $20

Are you in need of a new playground duty hat? Which one is your favourite?

Alex x






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    Love the Forever New hat, I’d never thought the look there before for hats. Thanks for the tip!

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      No problem Alex 🙂

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    I am really struggling to find a new hat before my last placement for the year.

    I just did the World’s Greatest Shave and have gone from lots of hair, to not very much at all and I feel at a loss.

    Any recommendations for hats that suit a lack of hair? I used to go for floppy ones when I had long hair but that don’t seem to suit any more.

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      Good on you Renee.

      I would go a shorter brim hat as you will be able to see your face. It won’t be hidden under a lot of hat.
      Sportsgirl have some great shorter ones.


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