How to Dress for a Professional Delvelopment Day

Most of us are back to work this week for mandated ‘Before School Starts PD’.

My PD starts on Tuesday and runs for the whole week.

Although I am looking forward to the new year, the thought of sitting in the staffroom for 8 hours a day will be taxing after having such a great break.

But I am looking forward to planning my Professional Development wardrobe for these 4 days.

Is there such a thing as a Professional Development Wardrobe? Yes.

Because the kids aren’t back til the following week, you can wear certain items of clothing that you normally wouldn’t wear to school.

But there are some rules.

Just because the kids aren’t around, doesn’t mean that you can slip on the stilettos and break out the boobtube.

REMEMBER: this is still your workplace and your admin team are there.

As these PD days will be very draining, my tip is to plan your outfits now.

So what do you wear?

An outfit that is comfortable

Chances are you will be sitting down for most of the day. So make sure whatever you wear you will be comfortable to sit for a long duration.


Shorts are fine as long as they aren’t too short.

Something fun and bright

You are still sort of on Summer holidays, so why not dress like it. Wear your pieces that you have been for the last few weeks. This is a good way to slowly depart from holiday mode and back to reality – as long as not too beachy.



I know this isn’t bright but it is the dress of the Summer. Check out Nikki’s post from Styling you about Black Off the Shoulder Dresses in Summer – here.


Flats, Espadrilles, Sneakers or a Mid Heel

Now this is a personal preference, but leave the thongs at home. I’m not a huge fan of thongs in the workplace at anytime. There are so many options these days, we are really spoilt for choice.



Add some No Nos for PD Days

  • Swimwear
  • Boobtube/revealing tops
  • Super short skirts/shorts
  • Tights as pants

What will you be wearing for your PD days?

Alex x

I’d love to see what you wear for your PD day. Take a pic and send it to me at or tag me on Instagram.

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    Teacher eagerly seeking a class of fun loving, inquisitive students to share a great year of learning experiences in Toowoomba. If you have a class in need of an experienced and enthusiastic primary teacher please contact so I can be a part of PD! My wardrobe is ready to go!

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    Oh you poor thing. That must be a Queensland thing. We (NSW, public schools) return always the day after Australia Day. That day is SDD (Staff Development Day). And as I don’t work Thursday/Friday that’s it for week 1.

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      Lucky you!

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    Maddi Kate

    What are your thoughts regarding going to set up your classroom? This is my first year as a teacher, and the thought of moving tables and cleaning and standing on chairs to hang things up automatically leads me to think sport outfit.. Do you feel that this is appropriate or should I still be aiming to go quite professional?


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      Hi Maddi,
      On Monday I wore a black top and jeans.
      It is up to you but, I don’t see a problem with it.

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    Alex, Thank you for this post! Tomorrow I begin my teaching career, with a PD day of course! I’m keeping away the nerves by planning my first week of outfits! I’m a secondary teacher (as of tomorrow) and I’m wondering if you have an advice about how to ensure I look mature without sacrificing my personality. I like to wear a lot of colour, but I fear my baby face will make it hard to stand out from the students. 🙂
    You’re a bit of an inspiration to myself and my fellow Victorian 2015 graduates!

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      Thanks Jasmine and good luck for tomorrow.
      As you are a young grad, there is no hiding that.
      Just be yourself, wear colour and make sure you enforce your class rules from day one!
      All the best.

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