Shoes with Height that are Classroom Friendly


Flats are a teachers best friend, but there are some days when we just want a bit of height.

Now I’m not talking sky high stilettoes or anything close to that.

To me, an appropriate ‘school heel’ would be no higher than the 7cm mark.

But before you embark on wearing shoes with height to school, be sure to check with your WHSO if your school has any shoe regulations. If you have a certain shoe in mind, bring it in before you wear it to get approval.

I have heard stories of teachers being sent home because their footwear was not appropriate for the teaching day.

Before you wear any shoe with height to school, wear it out or around the house first. If your feet get sore within the first hour, there is no way you would last a full teaching day wearing them.

So what should you look for?

  • A block heel or wedge
  • A strap that goes around the back of your foot
  • Height 7cms or under – this height is ideal for me. I am 158cm tall. If you are shorter, you made need more height.
  • Nothing that resembles a thong

These shoes from style tread match the criteria perfectly.

EOS Cubo Brandy $159.95

  • Sizes 36 – 42
  • Heel height 4cm

shoe5La Maison de L’Espadrille $119.95

  • Size 36 – 41
  • Heel Height 4.5cm


Supersoft Linden Heel $129.95

  • Size 5 -11
  • Heel height 4.5cm


Zensu Flare Biscuit $149.95

  • Sizes 38 – 42 cm
  • Heel height 5cm

SHOE3Top End Hulk Preto Black $149.95

  • Sizes 36-41
  • Heel height 4cm

Shoe4Mollini Marsy Flesh Patent $139.95

  • Size 36 – 42
  • Hell height 5.5cm


I Love Billy Mirror Shoe $89.95

  • Size 36 – 42
  • Heel height 5cm

I Love Billy Hadley Sandals $99.95

  • Sizes 36 – 42
  • Heel height 5cm


Sol Sana Porter Heel Studded Black $189.95

  • Size 37 – 40
  • Heel height 7cm

Do you wear heels to school? Or are you a flats only girl?

Head to style tread to find more shoes for school.

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Alex x

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    Yeah that’s really right.

  • avatar

    58cm tall?!?! ?

    • avatar

      Haha hope not!
      All fixed 🙂

      • avatar

        It was a great read Alex. Unfortunately the occupational hazard of being a teacher is noticing the mistakes 🙂
        Enjoy your first day back tomorrow (if it’s one of your PT days)

  • avatar

    Oh Alex. Do you mean you are 158 cm tall?? Lol.

    • avatar

      Yes Liz – all fixed now!

  • avatar

    My self-imposed limit for work shoes is 5cm. I can’t cope with heels and there have been many a time I’ve bent my rule a little only to find myself walking around the classroom barefoot. Not classy.

    • avatar

      Oh no!! Least you now know your limit.

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    I think Espadrilles are way too casual. We are trying to be viewed as professionals and it amazes me that some teachers wear Birkenstocks and joggers to school when there are plenty of comfortable alternatives. Sends a bad message to students. My thoughts are that, unless you are a PE teacher, joggers/running shoes are inappropriate.

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