What to Wear on the First Day

The holidays are now over (for us up here in QLD).

So it’s off to work we go.

The first day of school is exciting for so many reasons.

I remember being extremely nervous on my very first day in front of my first Year 2 class.

I still get nervous each year, but I now know that I will survive and it will all be fine.

It is very important to make a good first impression from day one. You will be meeting your students’ parents and carers for the first time.

Before you even get the chance to say hello, they will make a quick judgment about you based on your appearance.

With it being super crazy, you may not even get a chance to speak to them properly. So it is vital that your attire is matching the representation that you want your parents/school community to have of you.

So what do you wear on your first day?

My golden rule is if you can see up it, down it or through it don’t do it.

I find by sticking to this, you can’t really go wrong.

Make sure you feel 100% comfortable in what you choose to wear. There is nothing worse than seeing ladies fiddling with straps or pulling at their outfits.

If your clothing needs to be ironed or steamed etc. Do that the night before.

It will save you a lot of time in the morning.

Try an plan your outfit in advance.

I have had my outfit planned since last Sunday.

Since I know what I am wearing, I have been able to focus on other things (my massive laminating pile).

Here are some back to school ideas for you.


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Have you planned your first day outfit yet? What are you planning on wearing?

Alex x

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