20 time saving teacher tips


Teachers are notorious for having issues with time.

Not telling it of course, we’re great at that.

I’m talking about our time management skills. I have been teaching for a few years now and still struggle to finish my lessons within the allocated time.

It feels like the day goes so quickly and before I have even had a chance to say good morning, my class is waving good bye.

But we all know once the bell goes, it doesn’t stop for us there.

As time is very precious to us, I try and plan ahead as much as I can.

Over the years, I have picked up a few time saving tricks which have saved me a lot of time.

  1. Plan your outfit the night before.
  2. Plan your meals for the week and do one grocery shop.
  3. Prepare your lunch the night before.
  4. Keep a daily planner/to do list and constantly add to it and cross it off.
  5. Figure out what the most important job is and do that first.
  6. Buy a date stamp.
  7. Label all our your belongings.
  8. File important documents as soon as you receive them.
  9. Use a colour code system for storing your files.
  10. Apply this rule to your inbox. Set up folders with different categories.
  11. Constantly back up important files to a separate hard drive.
  12. Have a clean desktop on your computer and save files with the same naming convention.
  13. Make sure everything in your room has a place and it is returned to that same place once it has finished being used.
  14. Date each piece of paper your receive. Then you know when it is time for it to go.
  15. Spend more time planning quality lessons rather than marking them – I learnt this from a Dylan Wiliam PD.
  16. Pick one day of the week that you will use to plan for the following week.
  17. Outsource small jobs such as pencil sharpening and a computer monitor.
  18. At the start of the year, make bulk birthday tags for your class.
  19. Keep an ‘extras’ bin and put all leftover worksheets in there. If a student is away and misses their homework, they know where to look.
  20. DON’T reinvent the wheel – look online or ask around for a resource before you make or buy.

Do you already do any of these tips?

If you have any great tips, please add them below.

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    This is brilliant thankyou. As a preservice teacher this is such useful info 🙂

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      Glad you got some tips Kristy 🙂

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    Sometimes as soon as I set a task and the class has begun, I will date and sign it. It can be done in 2 minutes, then towards the end of the lesson sweep around again and correct any big copying mistakes etc. Everything does not have to marked to perfection, our time can be utilised in better ways!

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    I use OneNote as my day book to plan then evaluate lesson success each term & collect digital copies of resources. The next year, i revisit the OneNote and improve upon the lessons. It also keeps paper filing to a minimum.

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      I do the same thing 🙂

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    I am a secondary English and History teacher and my biggest tip would be to plan out all your lessons in the holidays. This makes it so much easier in the term as the hard thinking is already done! I assign about 1 week of my holidays to do this and the rest is relaxation time! I then print off my program and annotate it throughout the term and then make those changes at the end of the term, that way my program is always improving and I never forget little tid bits about how it went 🙂

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