What the plus size teacher wears

I have had a few request to do a plus size post because some of you feel that just because you may be more the on the plus size, that you can’t be fearless and fabulous at work – WRONG.

Plus size fashion has had a big shake up over the past few years and we are seeing a lot more options out their for shoppers.

If you only take one thing away from this post, it should be that all women have a body shape no matter what size you are!

Dressing for your shape is imperative as you don’t want to be adding bulk to the wrong area or wearing pieces that are just not working for you. See how I can help you here.

You really need to know what works for your body and think about your best asset/s and show them off.

If you have a to die for hourglass shape, then you should be wearing belted pieces around your waist and showing off those killer curves. Or you may legs for days, so hike up those hem lines and get those pins out.

Before you start planning the outfit, you need to start with the right underwear.

The correct under garments will work wonders under your outfits. And yes I am talking about ‘those undies’ and yes I will go on the record here and say I wear them too.

When was the last time you had a bra fitting? If it’s more than a few years, then I suggest that this is the first thing that you do.

Strategically work with prints, shapes and details to make the eye go up and down.

Also keep in mind colour. Certain colours can make you feel amazing and also draw attention to the areas you want attention brought to.

Accessories are also key to any plus size outfit. Once again, it’s about where you want the attention.

If your tummy is a problem area, then avoid long line necklaces as they will draw people’s attention to that area. If this is you, then opt for statement earrings or a shorter necklace.

As I tell my clients, it’s about working with what you have got rather than hiding behind our clothes.

Stores that are for plus size or stock a plus size range are:

Some pieces that every plus size gal should have are:

  • A wrap dress – a wrap dress conceals lumps and bumps (those undies help too) and will show off your legs and chest
  • A fitted jacket – a fitted jacket will fit you and your shape and not add unwanted bulk
  • A flare skirt – the flare on the bottom fans out to balance your top half and show off your legs
  • A scoop, round or v neck top – keep your chest area open because if you cover it up, you are going to accentuate that area and it will make you appear bigger

Have a look at how you can put some of these ideas together in an outfit.


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1. City Chic Dress $199.95 ll 2. Mimco Earrings $129 ll 3. Mimco Sandals $199


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1. Autograph Top $59.99 ll 2. City Chic $89.95 ll 3. Colette Necklace $16.95 ll 4. Target Shoes $35


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  1. City Chic Jacket $89.95 ll 2. Target Top $25 ll 3. Target Shoes $49 ll 4. Sussan Hat $49.95 ll 5. Autograph Jeans $79.99

What are your tips for plus size dressing?

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