How to Wear: Stripes

For most of us, stripes make an appearance somewhere in our wardrobe.

Whether it be on a tee, skirt or dress.

Stripes have been around forever, and they aren’t going anywhere fast.

When I work with my personal styling clients, some often cringe about wearing horizontal stripes.

There is a misconception that horizontal stripes will make you appear wider than what you are….WRONG.

A classic stripe pattern can do wonders for you and your body shape. It’s all about working the stripes to make them work for you.

Make sure to try on different styles to find the item that best flatters your body shape.

There are many ways to wear stripes, but these are the ones I find easiest to ease into for those aren’t too sure where to start or are still a little apprehensive.

Long skinny stripes can help elongate your figure and make you look skinnier. A tight, striped blouse looks great with a tight pair of black pants.

This will draw people’s eye down and make your frame look taller and thinner.


If you aren’t sure about wearing stripes in clothing, then try adding them through accessories.

Adding a striped accessory to your outfit is one of the easiest ways to wear stripes, plus, it will add a interesting factor to your outfit.


A classic stripe tee is something that every woman needs.

This is a great way and easy way to wear stripes.

Thicker stripes can be better on some people, whereas thin stripes are better for others, so be sure to find the style that suits you.


A key tip to stripes – make sure the striped piece that you are wearing is longer than it is wide.

You need to get the proportion right.

Plus this creates a vertical line running down your body.

As you can see, stripes are very dominant in my wardrobe.

The best part, nearly every store always has some garment with a stripe on them so you can shop anywhere.

Are you a fan of stripes?

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