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Welcome to a brand new monthly post here on whattheteacherwears.

20 30 40

For those of you who have seen the sneak peek pic on Instagram, did you work what this will be?

Every month, the fabulous Cate from individualstyle101, Sarah from mummaaintmumsy and I will feature a fashion item and showcase 3 different ways to style it based on our ages and personalities.

For our first post, we decided to style the Birdsnest That Bird Label Wrap Skirt in Monaro Mist $119.00. Available in sizes 8 – 18.

We know on a misty Monaro morning it can be a little bit harder to get out of bed.

With the Wren Wrap Skirt Monaro Mist from That Bird Label in your wardrobe you can now lay in a little bit longer as the rush for finding something to wear is now over.

The beautiful print and the perfect colour pallet you can team this skirt with so many different variations.

The Wren has:

  • A wrap over style waist with fabric tie
  • An A line shape which will flatter hips
  • Smooth cotton fabric feel – no stretch 100% cotton
  • A quirky and fun print

3shop our looks


Bird Keepers Brenton Tee $49.95 ll Birdnest Wrap Skirt Monaro Mist $119.95


Bird Keepers Soft Fall Blouse $89.95 ll Birdsnest Wrap Skirt Monaro Mist $119.95


Bird Keepers Tailored Shirt $99.95 ll Birdsnest Wrap Skirt Monaro Mist $119.95

Note – all of the products are size 8. Be quick, there is only one 8 left.

So who are these fabulous ladies?

Cate from individualstyle101


I am a fun loving gal, born in the 60’s with a soft spot for visual arts & 80’s music!

I married & had my gorgeous boys later in life.

My style & confidence took a knock when I had my boys. That experience bought me here, I have absolutely found my calling … And that is helping women reclaim their style OR helping them change it completely.

Yes, I do consider my age when dressing.

It’s a balance thing for me. If I choose to wear something shorter, I make sure I have a looser top with a higher neckline.

Dressing on trend can be wearing classic pieces with a pop of something on point.

Do I follow trends? Hell yes!! I will pick just one thing per outfit, instead of choosing everything and wearing it all at once,  like I did in my twenties.

Should there be certain things I shouldn’t wear in my 40’s?

I think it’s all about how you wear it, as opposed to “should you wear it“.  If it’s an on trend vibe you are unsure of, express it in your accessories.

If you are not comfortable, take it off & try something else.

I love to express myself through what I wear and I will still be doing just that in my 50’s and on.

Sarah from mummaaintmumsy

Bird Keepers Brenton Tee $49.95 ll Birdnest Wrap Skirt Monaro Mist $119.95

Lover of all things fashion and style since a young girl, with a longtime dream of moving into the styling world; it was only after having my first child that this passion became a reality.

Teacher Librarian by trade, maternity leave gently and organically led me to the place of becoming an Accredited Personal Fashion Stylist.

After seeing so many friends and women around me feel as though they had ‘lost their way’ after having children, I was determined to keep my vibe and wanted to support and empower other women through this process.

Helping all women (not just Mums) ‘Find Their Vibe’ amongst the chaos of life is my mission, by focusing on personalised and individual services that explore Style, Individuality, Identity and Spunk.

Style to me is not about trends or being limited by age.

Style reflects who we are at work and at play, it shares our story, it pumps us up to present our best self and is a piece of our wellbeing puzzle. It celebrates our personality and our lifestyle.

Dressing for your age does not have to be a barrier when it comes to style; it is more about dressing appropriately for your shape, your proportions and your task at hand.

After hitting my thirties, I certainly stopped and asked myself if the items in my wardrobe were still appropriate and if they reflected my current body shape and style.

In some cases a few pieces did not make the cut (super mini skirts and overall shorts), however, most pieces could be styled in a way that ticked the above boxes they needed to.

With sensible choices, investing in quality classics and basics and then adding in some pop with shoes, accessories and inexpensive trends most pieces can be made age appropriate.

Your thirties is a great time to fine tune your personal style to, express who you are without fear of judgment, reflect on fashion faux pas from your twenties and really start harnessing a wardrobe of versatile and quality pieces – less about quick trends and more about longevity.

Me from whattheteacherwears


Bird Keepers Tailored Shirt $99.95 ll Birdsnest Wrap Skirt Monaro Mist $119.95

Hopefully by now you know who I am he he.

The way I describe my style right now in my twenties is certainly changing all the time.

When I was a teenager, I thought I had fashion all figured out.

I didn’t realise it then, but many of the fashion rules that shaped my style choices in my teens were influenced by my obsession to fit in, not wanting to be different and money as well.

Working part time will do that to you.

Now that I’ve been out of my teens for several years, I sometimes wish I could go back and inform myself that I had it all wrong.

Shopping at one of those surfer brands isn’t essential and fancy jeans with writing on the bum shouldn’t be worn in public.

Right now, I am still trying to figure what works for me and where I want my wardrobe path to go.

I find that my job as a teacher plays a heavy influence to certain styles and colours – black and midi skirts i.e This skirt!!











Whose look could you see yourself wearing? Has your style changed throughout the years?


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