Winter Teacher Wardrobe

With Winter just over a week away, it’s time to start prepping your winter teacher wardrobe.

The first thing to do is to rotate your wardrobe and move your summer pieces to the side and bring your winter staples to the front.

But before you close the door on some of your summery pieces, think about a way to incorporate them into your winter wardrobe.

I’m talking teaming dresses with leggings and boots or layering a summer top over a long sleeve blouse.

Winter can be a time to get into a fashion rut but ladies it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whilst rotating your wardrobe, do a mini audit.

If there is anything that you didn’t wear last winter, bring it right to the front.

If you don’t wear it over the next few months then it is time for it to go.

The key to successful winter dressing is layering. Yes it may be cold outside but if you are lucky enough to have heating, you need to keep in mind what you are going to wear under your jacket or coat.

On the other hand, be sure to plan for your playground duty days.

There is nothing worse than a cold and miserable playground duty.

So what should you have in your winter teaching wardrobe?

Opt for versatile pieces that can be layered depending on the temperature for the day.

Create a colour scheme for the season and that way you will be able to mix and match more easily.

Go for closed toe shoes rather than open, this will give you extra warmth.



1 Sheike Jacket $159.95

2 Birdsnest Trench $159.95


3 Sheike Skirt $99.95

4 David Lawrence Tee $59

5 Jag Knit $139.95


6 Sacha Drake Pants $189.95

7 Sheike Pants $109.95


8 Betty Basics Skirt $19.95


9 Birdsnest Dress $109.95

10 Threadz Dress $129.95


11 Betts Boots $99.99

12 Betts Flats $79.99

13 Betts Flats $59.99

14 Betts Boots $119.99

What are your favourite winter wardrobe pieces?

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    Do you have suggestions for a good teacher bags? Any links?
    I’ll start teaching in August and no idea of a smart practical bag to carry at school.

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      I’ll check and let you know 🙂

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