Before the holidays are over

School holidays can be a trap at times.

While on them, you think that they will last forever and then VAMOSE. It’s Monday and the bell has just rang to start the new term.

Here in Australia, we have our school holidays at different times around the country.

For some of us the break has just started and for others (like me) it’s nearly time to head back.

So before you fall victim to the school holidays never end spell, they are some things that you must do while on your break.

I have complied my top 10 below:

  1. Sleep in – I’m not putting a time limit on this, even an extra 5 minutes counts. This is a must because holidays are the only time when we can catch up on some much needed shut eye.
  2. Stay up late – my second favourite thing to do. I feel like a rebel when I don’t go to bed at my normal school time. It reminds me of when I thought it was cool that Mum and Dad would let me stay up late to watch a movie.
  3. Spend a while in your PJs – Once again, no time limitations here. This is one of my guilty pleasures while on holidays. I’ll even put my hand up and admit that on the odd occasion, this has been an all day situation.
  4. Go to the bank – Why? Because I don’t know about you but I never leave work before 4 on a teaching day and always miss the bank. Even if you don’t need to do anything bank related, just go in because you can.
  5. Head out for breakfast or lunch with a friend – You need to do this now because it will be another 10 weeks until you will get the chance to this again on a weekday.
  6. Do nothing for a day – it is really soul cleansing (don’t knock it til you try it!)
  7. Take advantage of free activities for your kids – If you have children, be sure to check out your local council’s page as most offer an abundance of free or cheap activities to do in your area. Some require booking before the event, so check it out.
  8. Clean out your teaching space – let’s face it, you won’t do it during the term because we all know that you will be super busy.
  9. Stock up on necessities – hand sanitizer, tissues, prizes, lollies, the works.
  10. Plan for BTS – leave this until last. As much as we need our break, it is also the optimal time to plan for the term ahead.

These items can be done in any order, but I do suggest to have some ‘you’ time before planning your next term.

Now these are just some of my suggestions of what to do. If you have any that you do on your break, please add them below.

What are your school holiday guilty pleasures?

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    Great suggestions!

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      Thanks Cath 🙂

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    I definitely catch up on my reading! I also try to do household jobs like clean the oven, pantry and windows! Lunches and movies are always a necessity on holidays!

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      Going out for lunch is one of my favourites.

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    I also like to get all those necessary appointments over and done with …. you know…doctor, dentist, optometrist, specialists etc as you just don’t get a chance to get them done and take in the advice when you are rushed during the term.

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      Yes, yes, yes!
      All of those fun things.

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    Super Sugestions! I love going for a run in the middle of the day (sure beats playground duty!) and reading a book. Netflix helps too!!!

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      Netflix always helps 🙂

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    What is BTS?

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      Back to School 🙂

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