How to wear: Double Denim

Have you dabbled in double denim?

Since Winter has finally arrived up here in Brisbane, I have realised that I have been wearing the double denim trend a lot over these school holidays.

Jeans are my go to in Winter and are just what I call ‘a wardrobe no brainer’.

So much so, I have around 10 pairs of jeans. And yes they are all different styles and colours.

I also am a massive fan of a good quality denim shirt or vest.

It is easy to wear a denim shirt or jacket with jeans but this is not so much a ‘no brainer’.

You do need to put some thought into this trend before you can walk out the door.

So what should you do so you don’t look like Billy Ray Cyrus or Britany and Justin back in 2001? (you know the exact pic I am talking about)

  1. The most important guideline – make sure that your denim top and bottom are different colours. So if you are going light up top, the bottom needs to be a darker denim.
  2. Make sure that your jeans are a style that flatters you. And for the love of god, please no boot cut jeans.
  3. Break up your double denim by adding a coloured or patterned top if you are wearing a jacket. Accessories are a great way to do this too.

On a side note – Stay away from the sparkles and whiskers ladies! Most of us do not want people to be looking at our behind but that is exactly what happens when you have a row of diamantes on your pockets.

For my latest double denim look, I opted for a blue jacket and broke the look up by teaming it with a white jean. I then added another one of my ‘wardrobe no brainer items’ a stripe tee.

This whole look excluding shoes is under $100. So this is certainly a look that can be achieved by any budget.

Some schools allow you to wear denim and if this is the case, always opt for a darker shade. Personally, I keep the denim for the weekends.

Will you give double denim a go?

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