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It’s our favourite time of the year! The arrival of new stock for the upcoming spring/summer season.

And who better to celebrate with than with Naudic?!

By now, you know the drill. We (Cate from IndividualStyle101, Sarah from mummaaintmumsy and I)dress up in the same piece and show you different ways to style it. But we have done something different for our collaboration with Naudic.

For this 20 30 40 we are not showing you the same piece 3 ways, instead we will be showcasing the same pattern 3 ways.

If you are a pattern lover, you are going to fall in love with everything that Naudic has to offer in their newest collection (arriving at stockists now).

We are wearing the Tuscany Blue Pattern.

The collection even sounds exciting with patterns called Tuscany Red and Mexicana Blue. Unfortunately we can’t all go overseas, but at least with the newest collection , we can damn well  look the part.

So who is Naudic and the Naudic customer?

Naudic customers love to combine the fullness of life, work, family, entertainment and travel, and Naudic creator Emma Puttick and her diverse team keep this in mind each season as they create their collections.

Feminine with a bit of edge, the fashion line allows the Naudic woman to express herself in her own unique way. Likewise, the lifestyle line provides a dose of vibrancy for the home.

Emma’s precursor to running a fashion label is an odd one: her career began in biotechnology and DNA sequencing.

She began her working life as a scientist in London, which was also the place where her love affair with fashion began.  “I had a great job doing DNA sequencing for the UK’s Home Office but it wasn’t much of a creative outlet,” Emma says. “I used to hang out at the markets on Portobello Road, and the bohemian fashions are where I first got the taste for what has become the Naudic look.”

When we were thinking about who we wanted to feature next, we knew that Naudic was definitely the right fit for us.

Now the 3 of us are not ones to shy away from pattern.

But we do know that some find pattern tricky to wear or don’t know how to style it. So we thought we’d share our tips for wearing pattern.

Pattern in your 40s

Pattern can be bold & fun and sometimes it can be feminine florals. I believe if you are drawn to it and feel good wearing it, then do it.

The rule book tells us to be wary of pattern placement on parts of our body that we may want to look smaller.
I tend to go with how I’m feeling on the day, when choosing how to wear my prints. If I’m in a fun mood, I sometimes clash my prints by wearing two different patterns at the same time. If I’m in a slightly chilled mood I might choose to soften the print by pairing it back with block colours.
If you haven’t yet ventured into these waters, start small.

Maybe add it into your wardrobe through your accessories, a scarf or clutch is a great place to start.

Pattern in your 20s

Your 20s can be both an exciting and tricky time. You’re becoming more independent and starting the scary task of striking out your own path.

So now is the perfect time to experiment, experiment, experiment.

Mix colours and patterns together to see what you like/dislike and what looks good on you.

During this age, there isn’t a lot of pattern that you shouldn’t be using/wearing so go OTT.

I like to wear pattern two ways:

  • Teamed with a block colour
  • Pattern clash

If doing a pattern clash, there are some rules. First look for the same colour in patterns to wear together. Or, find a similar pattern to wear on the top and bottom in different colours and clash that way.

Pattern in your 30s

I love print for adding some pizazz and fun to an outfit, especially to all the classics in the wardrobe.
Prints are super fun for all ages!
Some women tend to step away from print as they enter their 30s as they feel it can look too “young” or too busy, opting for print in smaller pieces such as scarves.
I say print is for all ages and for sharing your personality through your clothing. My tips for wearing prints in your 30s are –
  • Choose a print that compliments your skin tone, make up choices and complexion. Stay within your palette so ensure the print doesn’t take over your whole look.
  • Choose key print pieces in cuts that skim the figure and not swamp it. A well cut print is as flattering as a solid colour.
  • If an all over print is too overwhelming, opt for some print either in a top or pants and pair back with denim, white (for a fresher look) or black for a more classic look.
  • If you’re narrower on the bottom add your print in skirts or pants and leave the top plain.
  • Go for the opposite approach if heavier on the bottom.
When wearing a head to toe print look, choose accessories in plain gold or silver and then team with neutral shoes and bag so that the print is the outfit hero.
This new season Tuscany Blue print by Naudic is perfect for all ages due to the softer hues of blue and green, with the little pink pop. The print comes in such a vast range of cuts and clothing pieces to suit all body shapes and lifestyle choices.
What’s your favourite Naudic print? Will you be wearing pattern this Spring?
A huge thanks to Miss Bliss at West End for letting us shoot at your amazing place. A must eat if you are in Bris.
This is a sponsored post by Naudic.
P.s. We had Sarah’s adorable daughter join us on shoot day. We are thinking of doing a 2 20 30 40. What do you think?

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