Brisbane Teacher Meet

When I hosted my first Brisbane Teacher Meet last year, I had a total of 22 teachers. Read more from my first event here.

We had a whole lot of fun socialising (with a bit of networking), so I decided to host another event this year.

After asking what dates would be best, I locked in the Sunday April 2 at Darling and Co. When I made the original booking, I reserved an area for 40. I very quickly had to change that to 100 as the requests to tag along kept coming through.

The final number ended up being 90 beautiful Brisbane teachers and boy did we have the best time.

Firstly the venue, Darling and Co was just perfect. In fact, I’ve tentatively booked another Brisbane Teacher Meet there at the end of the year. The service was brilliant, the food divine and their function room took everyone’s breath away.

As the event was held on a Sunday, we were treated to Bellini’s and an alternate drop lunch.

Before the event, I was contacted by teach starter who wanted to join in on the fun. Holly and Jill came out on the day and helped set up the room with their amazing goodie bags. In each one they supplied posters, stickers and discount vouchers for each teacher.

They also brought along their prize wheel for 10 lucky teachers to spin and win some amazing prizes including yearly memberships and classroom theme packs.

Now the goodie bags, boy were they good. As well as the teach starter goodies, each teacher received:

Lunch was schooled to go from 1 – 3pm. As our time was nearly up, it was time to draw the lucky door prizes.

A huge thanks to:

Who all donated a lucky door prize for the day.

To see more photos from the day click here.

A huge thanks to everyone who played a part and made it a truly great day. A special thanks to Taylor Kezia for being our camera gal and taking so many great shots.

I received so many lovely messages from teachers saying they had the best day and couldn’t wait to do it all again.

Did you come along?

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