Teaching with Taylor

Teaching with Taylor

How long have you been teaching for and what grades or subjects have you taught?

I began teaching at the end of 2015, taking over a Year 5 classroom in Term 4. Since then, I have been teaching Year 3 and love every minute of it!

Why did you become a teacher?

I always wanted to be a teacher since as early as I can remember. I was really fortunate to have a bunch of inspiring teachers all through primary and high school. I guess when you’re surrounded by that enthusiasm and passion, you can’t help but be driven to it!

What are 3 things that every teacher should have in their classroom?

  • Zip lock bags of every different size! Holy dooly. The amount of things I put in ziplock bags … resources, fallen-out teeth, confiscated bits and bobs, tuckshop money, notes home, stationery, snacks.
  • Spare stationery. Save yourself the pain of disorganisation and have a tub of spare pencils, rubbers, glue and scissors ready to go. Wrap each item in washi tape so they come back to you and don’t vanish into oblivion.
  • One extra independent activity put to the side for the students to easily do when you just need 10 minutes to reorganise a lesson, deal with a playground problem or collect your thoughts.

What’s the best part about your job?

Even on the worst days, someone always makes me laugh. Whether it’s a student, a staff member or a parent, I have a warm, fuzzy laughing moment every day! Even when my students have forgotten everything they’ve ever been taught and the Wi-Fi has chosen to not work for me …  I still leave work with that funny moment! (And don’t get me wrong, most days I go home with an unbelievable amount of those moments.)

Tell us about the funniest thing that has happened to you at school.

I have countless adorably hilarious and unique moments with my Year 3’s. Most recently a student came up to me with a small paper heart cut out and placed it on my desk. It read “love ya”. Something so simple was just so funny (and cute).

Your top 3 tips for a beginning teacher

  • Have a notepad dedicated to writing down all of your questions and ideas. Keep it in your work bag so it’s always ready to go!
  • Prioritise your behaviour management. It’s obviously important to build strong relationships with your students, but you need to be able to build respect as well.
  • Treat yo’self. Don’t spend your whole weekend or each school night working. Take some time out for yourself and relax!

What does your teacher wardrobe consist of?

For these chillier months, skinny jeans in various colours and lots of accessories (scarves, necklaces, earrings). In warmer months, I go for simple black tops with patterned skirts/shorts. I’m a huge fan of comfort. I love to be able to sit on the floor for group work or run around with the kids. I have lots of strappy, low heels to pair with these outfits.

 What is the one item that every teacher must have in their wardrobe?

An oversized cardigan for those early morning demountable chills. Also, you can rock a cardigan with most outfits.

Have you ever had a teaching fashion faux pas?

Kids are very honest. My Year 5 girls loved to deconstruct my outfit each day. I think the worst misguided compliment I received from them was “Oh, Miss Donnelly, your shoes look like prison shoes but you totally rock them”… My Year 3’s are a lot nicer!

If you weren’t a teacher you would be a

If I didn’t become a teacher, I would have studied Science in the hopes of becoming an astronomer. I’ve always been so motivated towards Science and investigating just how small we are in the universe.

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