9 ways to stay stylish in the heat

Term Four is here!

Which means it’s only 10 weeks to go until the end of the school year.

It’s ironic timing because it is currently raining while I’m writing this post (we haven’t had a good downpour in a few months).

Last week, I was fortunate to attend a 5 day workshop with the Explicit Instruction guru Anita Archer. When I arrived on the first day, I didn’t know anyone who was at my table. After introducing ourselves and stating our current role and what school we worked at, I discovered that most of the people on my table were from Central and Far North Queensland.

Two ladies in particular were from Townsville. I said to them, ‘Oh you must enjoy the warm weather’ but they said something to me which I hadn’t thought of for a while. That they struggle with what to wear because it is so damn hot.

Which led me to the question, how do you stay stylish in the heat?

The ladies said this is something that they struggle with daily, so I thought I would do some investigating and I’ve come up with 9 ways to stay stylish in the heat.

  1. Keep your clothes loose. In fact the looser, the better. The less fabric you have actually touching your body, the more comfortable you will feel. Now you may think that this is hard to achieve but it’s not. Opt for maxi skirts or dresses and try going up a size in your shirt.
  2. Choose clothes in natural fabrics. Cotton is way more breathable than polyester. And it’s also better at absorbing sweat and it dries faster. This means that you won’t feel sweaty for as long as you would if your clothes were made from synthetic fabric. Also look out for clothes made with linen, rayon and chambray.
  3. Don’t buy things you don’t have to layer. Buy things that can be worn on their own—without resorting to layering. Shopping with a “Can I wear this on its own?” mindset will set your wardrobe up for summer.
  4. Go light and bright. Light colours not only look cool and breezy, but they will keep you cool during those long playground duty days. Lighter colours absorb less sun unlike darker tones. Whites and creams are they way to go. Note* If you are an early child teacher, I know exactly what you are thinking but hey you can wear white and get through the day intact. Just make sure your child manoeuvring ninja skills are strong on this day.
  5. Wear unlined skirts, and dresses. Lining is often synthetic, meaning it won’t breathe well and will leave you with that sticky feeling during the day. If your garment does need lining, opt for a cotton slip instead
  6. Keep your hair up. A huge trend that is coming through for SS17 is to tie a summery scarf around your pony tail or bun. Not only will this keep you cool but your hair will stay out of your face all day in the most fashionable way.
  7. It’s sandal time. Invest in a good pair of sandals and revel in their comfort as you walk from the classroom to the playground. Open toed shoes are a must for this time of the year. However, you if work in a school where you are required to wear enclosed shoes, opt for brogues that have a cut out detail on the side or a made from a lightweight material.
  8. Invest in a straw hat. A breathable straw hat allows heat to escape while providing shade from the sun. Hats made from blended fabrics worn in high heat, trap heat and boil your head. A sweet savvy straw hot will keep you cool and chic while conquering the playground.
  9. Minimal Makeup. Avoid heavy makeup during a hot day. Switch heavy liquids to a mineral base and let your skin breath.

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If you have any additional tips, I would love to hear them.


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