Suitable school dresses

With Summer knocking on Spring’s door, the temperature is rising and quickly.

Last week, I wrote a post about how to stay stylish in the heat. Dresses are a great choice for the classroom (especially for those who don’t have air-con), but finding the right one can be tricky.

When you are looking for a dress to wear to school, keep in mind:

  1. The length. Aim for a dress that meets your knees. It can finish just above the knee but I highly suggest to not go any shorter.
  2. The fabric. If it’s a light weight fabric, would it blow up during a breeze? Or would it overheat you if it’s a non natural fibre.
  3. The top half. If you bend over to mark work or tie a shoelace, be sure that the dress won’t gape away from your chest.
  4. Your body shape. If you are an hourglass, highlight your curves by emphasising your waist (hello wrap dress). For inverted triangles (like myself), steer clear of dresses that have shoulder pads, thin straps or a boat neckline. Similar to the hourglass, bring focus to the waistline and accentuate curves on the bottom half by adding fullness to create balance. For those of you who are an oval shape, you want to create angles and diagonal lines across the body with deep V necklines and asymmetrical hemlines. Look for semi-fitted, ruched or draped silhouettes, soft cowl/wider necklines and empire line or wrap dresses. When it comes to finding the right dress for all of you triangle girls, look for one that will open up your upper body and décolletage and opt for deeper necklines. Also, emphasise your waist and arms and define your waist without adding too much fullness in the skirt shape. Rectangle ladies, choose a dress that will give the illusion of curves with draped fabric and shaped silhouettes including flowing or asymmetrical hemlines. Avoid boxy shapes, straight or square lines.

The best part, it’s a piece that you’ll be able to wear all year round. When the weather cools, add a jacket and tights.

Here are my top picks that won’t break the bank. Plus I’ve added shoes and accessories to give you some ideas on how to style these pieces.

1. Sussan Earrings $16.95 ll 2. ELM Dress $139.95 ll 3. Frankie4footwear Sandals $199.95 ll 4. Country Road Boater $79.95 ll 5. Birdsnest Dress $99.95 ll 6. Witchery Flats $139.95 ll 7. Sussan Necklace $39.95 ll 8. Trenery Dress $179. ll 9. Frankie4footwear Heels $219.95 ll

Will you be rocking a dress to school this term?

* This post contains some affiliate links. If you buy something via one of these links I may receive a small commission. There is no additional cost you.

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    Love your style ideas. Ive been teaching for nearly 20 years and my biggest stlyle drama is sports day!!! Please help! Every friday in summer i Struggle to decide what to wear. All of my normal sports shorts are Way to short. Its really tough to find something that i can teach boxing or basketball or cricket in, that is cool, practical and doesnt look like I’ve just come from the gym!! Anyone else????

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      Oh my goodness – what has happened to spelling and grammar? Typing into this box is weird!

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      Oh no Claudia, that must be tough! I’m lucky and have never had to take a PE class, so it’s never really crossed my mind.
      Will try my best to get a post out in the next few weeks.
      Thanks for the suggestion,

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