Professional Development Outfit Ideas

Holidays are now over for me and I am heading back to work on Tuesday (well tomorrow too but nothing to strenuous).

The students aren’t back until next week which only means one thing, it’s PD time.

At the beginning of every year, all school staff are required to complete mandated PD as well as school orientated professional learning and development.

It’s always great to head back and catch up with everyone and hear what others got up to on their break. And for any teacher who went to the beach, you no doubt will be complimented on your sun kissed glow.

This time is great as it’s one of the only times you will get to be with everyone and not have the stresses of the everyday teaching life – did I forgot my lunchtime duty? Oh bugger, I forgot to write out my award before parade (I literally could go on forever but that’s not what this post is about).

So it all sounds like smooth sailing for PD week right?

I mean, your going to catch up with everyone, tell them about your fabulous holiday, set up your room and make cute name tags for your door.

But hang on a minute, what are you going to wear?

Set your benchmark for the year and be the talk of the staffroom for the right reason. Especially if you are a beginning teacher or starting at a new school, you will want to get your wardrobe right from day one.

PD days are a great way for you to wear some of your favourite pieces that you might not normally wear while in the classroom.

But there are some rules.

Just because the students aren’t around, doesn’t mean that you can slip on the stilettos and break out the boobtube.

REMEMBER: this is still your workplace and your admin team are there (and always watching)…

So what do you wear?

  • An outfit that is comfortable – Chances are you will be sitting down for most of the day. So make sure whatever you wear you will be comfortable to sit for a long duration.
  • Shorts – Totally fine (especially in the warmer climates) as long as they aren’t too short. If you do wear shorts, balance your top half and wear something with more coverage.
  • Something fun and bright – You are still sort of on Summer holidays, so why not dress like it. Wear your pieces that you have been for the last few weeks. This is a good way to slowly depart from holiday mode and back to reality – as long as not too beachy.
  • Flats, Espadrilles, Sneakers or a Mid Heel – Leave the thongs at home. I’m not a huge fan of thongs in the workplace at anytime. Thongs let the team down a.k.a the rest of your outfit plus can also go against some school’s WH&S policy so leave them at home.

My biggest tip though, plan your PD wardrobe now … well after you have seen my outfit ideas below.

I’ve done the hard work for you ladies and have put together 9 looks to get you through your professional development days. All you have to do, is sit back, click on the links below each picture and viola. PD wardrobe sorted.

TSID Invy Pants Floral $59

Feather + NOISE Lee Top $69 & Feather + NOISE Danni Jean $79

betty lane DRESS SANDY DRESS $69.90 & betty lane ROLL SLEEVE TEE $29.90

betty lane BOBBY Dress $59.90

tsid Lila Dress $69.00

Feather + NOISE Nadia Top $39 & Feather + NOISE Nadia Skirt $49

Feather + NOISE Sammy Maxi Dress $99

betty lane Tamsin Top $59.90 & betty lane frayed lemon shorts $49.90

tsid Alexa Dress $49.00

Some No Nos that I stand by:

  • Swimwear
  • Boobtube/revealing tops
  • Super short skirts/shorts
  • Tights as pants

I’d love to see what you wear for your PD day or days.

Take a pic and send it to me at or use the hashtag #thisismeatpd on your outfit pic that you upload to Instagram (I can only see public accounts sorry ladies).

What will you be wearing?

Photography by Ninique Photography

Make up – Leila Vailepa

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    What do you think of spaghetti straps on a top Alex?

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      Ok for PD but I would steer away when teaching.

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    Great suggestions Alex and I have to agree with your No’s especially Thongs which should be reserved for the beach and the pool and nowhere else! Also like you said, wearing some of your nicer pieces that you wouldn’t wear when the kids are around. I’ll be wearing some of my fave Spell pieces for sure! Have a great first week back xx

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