Trendy Teacher Bags

Taking your teacher goods from your car to the class in style is easy when you have the right bag.

Planning to carry it all in your hands just doesn’t work (trust me, I know) and it’s also super stressful. 

You need to find the right bag for you as different teachers will have different needs from their bag.

Now I’m not one for conventional teacher bags or trolleys – I simply refuse. The teacher bags that I use aren’t normally classed as a ‘teacher bag’ this means I can use my bag for school but also at the beach, weekend etc.

Here are my tops bags that you will need in 2018:

  1. Gorman Bag $111.20 ll 2. Sportsgirl Bag $59.95 ll 3. Langdon Bag $165 ll 4. Seed Bag $79.95 ll   5. Adorne Bag $109 ll 6. Decjuba Bag $69.95

What teacher bag will you be rocking in 2018?

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    Kate Wardlaw

    HAVE YOU TRIED THE DEJUBA NEOPRENE ONE? DO YOU THINK IT’LL HOLD A LOT OF WEIGHT EASILY? I JUST FIND that I end up carrying heaps of things and don’t want to get something that will stretch or break. Thanks!

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      Hi Kate,

      No I haven’t but look at the site to see what dimensions it gives you.


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