Suitable School Shorts

Most of the country has been sweltering lately and I have received a lot of emails and messages asking for school friendly shorts.

I’m not going to lie, this was hard to find!

But lucky I’m not a quitter and found 8 pairs of shorts suitable for school.

Shorts are great to wear at a sports day or swimming carnival or if you work in a constantly warm climate with no air con.

When purchasing a pair of shorts for school, keep the length to the knee or just above.

Plus, I was surprised how cheap a good pair of school shorts are. The cheapest I found was $10. Can you pick the $10 before looking at the prices and brands below?

  1. UNI QLO Shorts $29.90 ll 2. Country Road Shorts $79.95 ll 3. Katies Shorts $15 ll 4. Katies Shorts $39.95 ll 5. Jeanswest Shorts $69.99 ll 6. Katies Shorts $15 ll 7. Katies Shorts $39.95 ll 8. Kmart Shorts $10

Did you pick the $10 pair?

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