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Ladies I’m not going to lie, finding classroom appropriate clothing can be a challenge.

There are so many variables that we need to consider … is the material see-through? Am I showing too much leg? 

Lucky for us, Birdsnest are here to save the day.

Known as the Wardrobe Wingbirds their mission is to help us find the perfect outfit every time. They believe that the way we look and feel, inside and out can change our life (here, here!).

I highly suggest that you take some time to explore the Birdnest site. There are so many great features that are exclusive to them and are free for you. One of my favourites would have to be The Style Profile. But you really can’t go past their Capsule wardrobes. You will find a capsule to suit any event. This 9 piece capsule is now available here.

I’ve teamed up with the Birdsnest team to bring you a 9 piece Back to School capsule wardrobe that you will be able to wear all year round. And if you aren’t a teacher, these pieces will work in most workplaces.

So what’s in my 9 piece Back to School capsule collection?

In this collection you will find

  • 3 dresses
  • 3 bottoms
  • 3 tops

All from Birdsnest own in house created labels.

I’ve also added some accessories to mix things up.

When putting this capsule together, I wanted to ensure that each piece would work with another and not on it’s own. That way, you get more bang for your buck and a whole lot more outfit choices.

You’ll notice that the colours are quite natural. This makes for more outfit options that can be worn throughout the year. But these outfits do not have to stay in the classroom, they can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorise with accessories and shoes.

My first pick, a statement dress that will take you from the classroom to the dancefloor with an easy shoe change. A statement dress is your go to saviour and will cover you for any school activity such as Awards Day or parent-teacher interviews.

All pieces are linked below.

Boho Bird Summertime Love Shift Dress $129.95 ll Adjustable Pendant Necklace $27.95

A top in a neutral colour with detail is a great option (especially for those of you who find accessorising tricky).

Boho Bird Zanibar Ribbon Trim Blouse $119.95 ll Bird Keepers Soft Ankle Grazer Pant $99.95 ll Neoprene Tote Bag $64.95


The Zanibar top is a great wardrobe addition. The possibilities of outfit combinations is unlimited. You can easily dress this piece up or down. As you can see it works with pants for a more casual look, but if you are wanting to take it up a notch, add a pencil skirt and mid heel.

Boho Bird Zanibar Ribbon Trim Blouse $119.95 ll Bird Keepers Ponte Pencil Skirt $59.95

Even with the detail in the top, you can still add a necklace for a pop. Plus comfy but stylish pants are always a winner.

Boho Bird Zanibar Ribbon Trim Blouse $119.95 ll Boho Bird Follow The Path Pants $119.95 ll Graduated Bead Necklace $29.95


When you hear 2-for-1 what do you normally think of? I bet the last thing you are thinking is a great work dress that can be worn two ways and is two completely different colours. Believe when I say there is such a thing and it is a wardrobe must. Simply turn inside out and you have a new dress.

Bird Keepers The Reversible Dress $109.95

Bird Keepers The Reversible Dress $109.95 ll Check Print Scarf $44.95

If sleeveless is more your style, opt for thicker straps for the classroom.

Boho Birds Sugar Snaps Layer Tank $79.95 ll Bird Keepers Ponte Pencil Skirt $59.95 ll Pom Pom Bag $34.95 ll Adjustable Pendant Necklace $27.95


The soft pink of this top is great to team back with any colour bottom. My favourite colour combo would have to be with navy.

Boho Birds Sugar Snaps Layer Tank $79.95 ll Bird Keepers Soft Ankle Grazer Pant $99.95


Heading out for an excursion? Then switch the skirt for pants and your flats for sneakers and you are ready to go.

Boho Birds Sugar Snaps Layer Tank $79.95 ll Boho Bird Follow The Path Pants $119.95 ll Neoprene Tote Bag $64.95

If your classroom is quite warm, opting for natural fibres such as linen or cotton is a must. They will keep you cooler in the warmer months.

Natural for Birds Throw Dress $79 ll Pom Pom Bag $34.95

A white shirt is a great teacher wardrobe staple. Once again, you will have countless outfit options as the top will go with everything. Plus, this one isn’t see through.

Bird Keepers The Relaxed Viscoe Shirt $89.95 ll Boho Bird Follow The Path Pants $119.95

To dress the top up, add a necklace and swap the pants for a skirt.

Bird Keepers The Relaxed Viscos Shirt $89.95 ll Bird Keepers Ponte Pencil Skirt $59.95 ll Graduated Bead Necklace $29.95

Or a scarf will work just as well and created a layered look to your outfit.

Bird Keepers The Relaxed Viscos Shirt $89.95 ll Bird Keepers Soft Ankle Grazer Pant $99.95 ll Check Print Scarf $44.95

So there you have it, 9 pieces with accessories plus a tonne of outfits to wear to school or work.

Which one is your favourite?

Location: The Borrowed Nursery Photographer/Videographer: Ninique Photography HMUA: Lisabette

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    Reversible dress take my money 💕

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      2 for the price of 1 🙂

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