Checkmate: Check Blazers

It’s official – the checked blazer is the jacket that we all need now.

I had been lusting over one since late last year and when Brisbane finally decided to put on weather that was under 30 degrees last week, it was my time to strike.

I texted my Mum and showed her what I was going to buy. Her response ‘I had one of those in the 90s’. My response ‘You are such a cool Mum and not a regular Mum’ (I love to reference Mean Girls wherever I can.)

The check blazer is a must because it’s a great mix of sharp with a slightly boyish shape. You can wear it with a work dress but then easily mix things up and add denim shorts and sneakers.

When wearing the blazer opened, it falls quite nicely over your body give you a great shape. These blazers also come in short and long lengths, so if you are someone who likes to cover their behind, this one is certainly for you.

From day to night, dressed up or dressed down, here’s three different check blazers and styling inspiration.

  1. Dotti Blazer $79.95 ll 2. Birdsnest Dress $129.95 ll 3. FRANKiE4Footwear Heels $215.00 ll 4. Decjuba Blazer $129.95 ll 5. Decjuba Tee $59.95 ll Decjuba Belt $29.95 ll 7. Decjuba Denim Shorts $79.95 ll 8. FRANKiE4Footwear Sneaker $229.95 ll 9. Boo Hoo Blazer $36.00 ll 10. Katies Top $49.95 ll 11. Katies Pants $27.96 ll 12. FRANKiE4Footwear Flat $229.95 ll

Will you be checked out in a check blazer?

I own the Dotti Blazer. It’s what I am wearing in the feature image.

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