Block Heels for School

Lately I have been asked … a lot ‘how do wear heels all day at school?’

The answer = comfort.

I simply refuse to wear anything on my feet that doesn’t feel like I am walking on clouds all day. I just won’t do it to myself.

A simple heel or heeled boot can elevate any look (now when I say heel I mean a block heel below 6 or 7cm) that is a heel to me these day and especially for school.  Stilettos are simply a no no.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not bad mouthing flats, brogues or sandals but there are just some days when I feel like adding some height to my outfit.

I am pretty lucky and every school I have worked at hasn’t add any restrictions re footwear. If you are new to a school or unsure check with your principal or staff handbook. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot here ladies.

When looking for suitable school heels look for:

  • A block heel
  • Nothing too high – I don’t go over 7cms and I am 158cms tall
  • A heel that wraps around the back of your foot – keep the mules and slides at home
  • Comfort – if it’s not comfy in the store what makes you think it will be comfy after a full day of teaching on your feet
  • Neutral colours such as tan or black are great to start off as you will be able to create a multitude of outfit possibilities

Here are some of my current favourites.

  1. I Love Billy Heel $34.98 ll 2. FRANKie4Footwear Steph Heels $219.95 ll 3. Kmart Heel $20.00 ll 4. Witchery Heel $149.95 ll 5. Portmans Heel $79.95 ll 6. Wittner Diablo Heel $94.95 ll 7. FRANKie4Footwear Nikki Heel $220.00 ll 8. Wittner Heel $169.95 ll 9. Mollini Heel $129.95 ll 10. I Love Billy Heel $59.97 ll 11. Midas Heel $75.00 ll 12. Midas Heel $168.00 ll

Which one is your top pick?

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