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Sponsored by Brisbane Airport Corporation.

Move over Milan. Look out London. There is a new fashion destination in town (literally). The Domestic Terminal at Brisbane Airport is fast becoming one of Brisbane’s must stop fashion spots for all fashionistas.

Since taking the plunge from teacher to blogger, it’s become my duty to keep you updated with what to wear and where to shop. Which is why I’ve joined forces with Brisbane Airport to give you the rundown on all things fashion and beauty at the Domestic Terminal.

It doesn’t matter why you are travelling; work, girls trip or school excursion, it’s worth arriving at the airport with plenty of time to browse through the fashion and beauty retailers.

Of course, if you by mistake (wink, wink) forget to pack your jeans, tee, dress, sunnies, hat, pjs, lipstick, diary or magazine you can grab everything you need before taking off.

I don’t know about you, but I quite enjoy making a few sneaky airport purchases. I think it’s because I know my holiday or work trip will be temporary, but whatever I buy before my flight will be returning home with me.

Plus, the prices are the same as shopping centres or online, so I’m not spending any more than I would by shopping anywhere else. Win. Win.

For some reason, wearing the same thing twice in one week can be a fashion faux pas. But while you are away, it’s not as frowned upon (I think it’s also because no one wants to do laundry on a break). So take the following advice on board, and here’s how to get the most out of your Domestic Terminal purchases and wear your outfits two ways:

My first piece of advice for making the most out of your shopping time at the Domestic Terminal is to make sure your carry-on luggage won’t hinder your shopping experience. Opt for pieces that are compact, move with ease and will only  need one hand to manoeuvre. That way, one hand can do the shopping and the other will be on your luggage.

We often plan what we are going to wear on the flight but let’s switch that up to what will I wear shopping before my flight? Think strategically here ladies. Choose an outfit that is easy to get on and off but  still comfortable and chic. I normally opt for a dress or jumpsuit.

So you’re at the airport, you’ve checked into your flight and now it’s time to shop. Just like any good trip, there will be an element of planning involved. So let’s start with fashion, move to accessories and finish off with a visit to Mecca. Plus I’ve added suggestion shopping time per store for your shopping itinerary.

First Stop – Lorna Jane located near Gate 24 Qantas Terminal

Lorna Jane is more than just active wear. In fact, you can style many outfits using LJ pieces. You see it’s all about CPW or cost per wear. By selecting a core piece, you can create multiple outfits and get more bang for your buck.

Black tights will take you from the gym to the city streets. A must have for any explorer.

Shopping time required 15 – 20 mins.

Next stop – Seed located  near Gate 22 Qantas Terminal

Seed is a must stop for any suave shopper. From accessories to fashion to shoes, it’s truly a one-stop-Brisbane Airport-Fashionista-shop. Remembering CPW (cost per wear) while browsing, opt for a classic piece that can be worn dressed up or casual and with this season’s latest trends.

A blazer is a true wardrobe staple and you can see from above can be worn for the workplace or out and about.

Shopping time required 20 – 30 mins.

Our third stop – Mimco located  near Gate 22 Qantas Terminal

So by now, you’ve purchased a few fashion pieces, let’s add some accessories into the mix. Before I mentioned how your airport purchases come home with you, well anything Mimco is certainly made to last. Plus the girls that work at the Domestic Terminal are a hoot and will certainly be able to help you out.

Now for the hard decision black or tan? What would you pick?

Shopping time required 15 – 20 mins.

The next stop – Sunglass Hut located  near Gate 23 Qantas Terminal

What better way to keep the paparazzi at bay, than by grabbing a new pair of Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut? Your CPW (cost per wear) has the best average here as you will more than likely wear your sunnies every day and they will go with any outfit.

The hardest part will be which pair or pairs to choose.

Shopping time required 20 – 25 mins.

Final destination – Mecca Maxima located  near Gate 38 Virgin Terminal

When it comes to beauty packing, we usually want to pack everything we use at home. But by not taking every concealer, eyeshadow or cream you allow room to stock up before you fly out. I asked the fab team at the Domestic Terminal what their top products were for travelling. They said every gal needs:

1. An overnight mask to hydrate your skin and restore moisture after your flight.

2. Dry shampoo to add volume, clean and extend your hair style. TIP – I only take dry shampoo on short trips.

3. A face mist to prime, set and boost hydration to your skin.

Shopping time required 30 mins +

After all of your shopping, you will need a well-deserved break.

Want to see what else I got up to at the Domestic Terminal? Watch the full video below.

As you can see, arriving to the airport early will not only make sure that you catch your flight, but will also allow you to shop up a storm. If you are escaping Brisbane for Easter or the school holiday break, a little retail shopping at the Domestic Terminal is a must.

You’ll be the most fashionable person on the runway.

Make up by Sem ll Photography/Videography Ninique Photography


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