What you’ll be wearing this Autumn/Winter

It doesn’t matter if you live in the outback or the burbs, we can all inject a bit of wintery goodness into our wardrobes this season. While it’s hard to say goodbye to those warm Summer days, the transition to winter does come with some wardrobe perks (hello more wardrobe options).

But before you go out and shop, shop, shop … conduct a wardrobe audit. You’ll be surprised with how many stripe tees you actually own. You see, it’s good to know what you have before you hit the stores. That way, you won’t double up on something you already own and can fill in your wardrobe gaps.

While conducting your wardrobe audit, it’s also the perfect time to fold, fix or throw. Kind of like that weird English makeover show Snog, Marry or Avoid.

Fold = Put away your Summery pieces and bring out your Winter woolies.

Fix = Blazer missing a button or has the hem on your skirt has come undone? Alter these pieces now otherwise you’ll probably never wear them again.

Throw = If it’s been a whole season since you wore a certain piece, when will you actually wear it? If the answer is probably never then out she goes. Donate your pieces to friends or family or charity.

If you need help with this, I’m your girl.

So you’ve sorted your wardrobe and now it’s time to hit the shops, but what should you be looking for this season?

Not just for the uber chic librarian anymore. Opt for grey to play it safe or go for a bright plaid combination if you are feeling game.

  1. Decjuba Blazer $129.95 ll 2. Decjuba Skirt $79.95 ll 3. Portmans Dress $129.95 ll 4. Decjuba Bomber Jacket $64.95 ll 5. Portmans Pants $89.95 ll

If you are like me and not a huge fan of this texture then look for accessories such as a headband, scarf or velvet writing on a slogan tee. Velvet comes and goes so don’t make a huge investment here.
  1. Decjuba Tee $49.95 ll 2. Country Road Skirt $199 ll 3. Decjuba Velvet Hair Ties $9.95 ll 4. Forever New Blazer $79.95 ll 5. Decjuba Velvet Sneakers $69.95 ll 6. PRETTYLITTLETHING Cap $12 ll 7. Decjuba Bag $39.95 ll

What’s a coatigan you ask?! Simple. Take a coat, mix it with a cardi and you have a coatigan. It’s a really an even mix between the two.

  1. Decjuba Hooded Coatigan $129.95 ll 2. Witchery Longline Coatigan $199.95 ll 3. Forever New Coatigan $149.99 ll 4. Forever New Coatigan $149.99 ll

Put away your lighter tropical prints and wear darker florals with deeper berry tones. Mix these prints with navy and berry for an on point Winter look.

  1. Witchery Blouse $199.95 ll 2. Portmans Skirt $79.95 ll 3. Birdsnest Dress $139.95 ll 4. Witchery Dress $159.95 ll

A true Winter investment. This season see’s bright pops of colours on boots coming through. My tip, invest here and opt for a black, neutral or metallic boot. You’ll be able to wear these all year round and into next Winter too.

  1. FRANKiE4 IZZY Boot $299.95 ll 2. FRANKiE4 NAOMi Boot $299.95 ll 3. Therapy Boots $89.95 ll 4. Jo Mercer Boot $249.95 ll 5. FRANKiE4 BRiDGET Boot $299.95 ll 6. FRANKiE4 SALLi Boot $289.95 ll 7. Billini Sandiago Boot $129.95 ll 8. Billini Sera Boot $129.95 ll

When it comes to trends, don’t feel like you have to wear all of them at once. In fact, you might look a little crazy if you did. Pick and play with what works for you.

What trend will you be wearing this Winter?

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    Lovely collection! I can’t wait to try these dresses. Thanks a lot for sharing the great article.

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