How to Style Ankle Boots

ankle boots – friend to many but a potential fashion faux to others. 

Ankle boots are the most common boot that are worn by men and women, but there are some of us that are still apprehensive to wear them.

Some ladies have this idea that they can make their feet look chunky and cut off their legs right above the ankle, making their ankles look wide. If this is one of your concerns, opt for a ankle boot that has a pointed toe rather than round. This certainly won’t cut you off but will actually elongate your legs.

If you are still worried about looking like your legs stop right at your ankles, choose a colour that is similar to your skin tone. Once again this will elongate your legs.

Boots in Action

I always opt for a pointed toe when wearing ankle boots.

My top picks below.

There is also a myth that you can only wear your ankle boots with jeans ….. this is certainly not the case. Jeans, skirts, dresses or pants, you can team your ankle boots with anything in your wardrobe.

One of my favourite combos is to team ankle boots with a mini skirt or dress. This combination is a great way to make your legs look longer and leaner than what they are.

If you live in our southern states, invest in a pair of tights or leggings to pull this look off.

If jeans and ankle boots are more your style, there are some guidelines:

  • Opt for a straight or skinny cut. This way, you can tuck them into your boots, cuff them or go for an ankle grazier length that will finish at the top of your boots.
  • Stay away from bootcut jeans! You can’t tuck them in and will loose all the detail on your boots.
  • You can wear any wash or colour of denim with your ankle boots. Don’t feel like you always have to wear black or a darker denim.

As mentioned above, a skinny cut is ideal as you can easily tuck them into your ankle boots.

Teaming your boots with a dress is a perfect way to add a bit of edge and sass to your outfit.

So I’ve given you a few different outfit ideas, it’s now time to get your hands on these boots.

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I’ve listed my top four boots from FRANKiE4Footwear. They are more on the $$ side, but to me 100% worth the investment. In fact, all the boots above are Frankies.

What will you be wearing your ankle boots with?

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