Outfit ideas to wear with flats

I often am asked, I love that outfit but what shoes would you wear it?!

During the week, you’ll find me in flats, boots or block heels. Actually, these are the only shoes I wear. Stilettos for me are now are no go.

And I only wear shoes that I know will be comfortable. Gone are the days were my feet hate me for the torture they have had to endure throughout the day.

Teaching is a profession where we are on our feet most of the day. From teaching to playground duty, there is hardly anytime for us to sit down. If you are someone who likes to take a long lunch, teaching is not for you I’m sorry.

I could go on and on but I’ll bring it back to focus on flats.

Flats have come along way from the simple black ballet flat of the past.

We are actually quite spoilt for choice with this shoe type these days.

Tips for buying flats:

  • Only buy flats with a slight point or point. I’m roughly 160cm and if I wear a round toed flat it actually makes me look shorter and stumpy. In fact, if you go back through my social channels you won’t find a flat like this in sight.
  • Comfort. Only buy them if they are comfortable. If they aren’t, just forget them.
  • Colour. Start with neutrals such as tan or black. WHY? These will give you a lot more outfit combinations.

My top flats picks.

Judy Flat $199.95


Beth Flats $229.95


Breane Flat $69.95

I Love Billy

You can see above I have a vast difference in prices. This is a SERIOUS investment people.

Think long-term here. What will your feet thank you for wearing?

Now when it comes to outfits to team back with your flats. Anything goes really.

Dresses, skirts or pants. Just remember to keep the toe pointed.


Click the item below to shop.
Katies Top $49.95 ll Katies Pants $49.95 ll FRANKiE4Footwear Judy Flats $199.95 ll Katies Dress $69.95 ll FRANKiE4Footwear Beth Flats $229.95 ll Katies Scarf $24.95 ll Katies Top $39.95 ll Katies Skirt $49.95 ll Kmart Flats $7.00 ll

Are you a fan of the flat?

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