Practically Perfect with Hyperdome

When putting together an outfit, there are two essentials that each and every outfit I wear must have: fashion and practicality.

You’re probably thinking fashionable, I understand, but why practical?!

Being a teacher and stylist, I’m always on the move. So, I need an outfit that can move with me.

When Hyperdome approached me to be a part of its Practically Perfect campaign, I knew I was the perfect, practical fit.

Our brief was to give a style makeover to four lucky families who shop at Hyperdome and select a new outfit for each person.

The first fortunate family to have their makeover was Paige and her four children.

Paige wanted a versatile makeover for her family with pieces that they could easily mix and match to dress up or down.

Plus being a busy single mum of four, Paige needed outfits that the family could put on and go.

While creating Paige’s family makeover, I kept to a neutral colour palette with earthy tones. This is so the family can wear these pieces at any time of the year.

Neutrals are always on trend.

Take a look at each outfit.






Want to know where to get these outfits from?

Head to the Hyperdome blog for retailers and pricing.

Stay tuned for more Practically Perfect makeovers coming soon.

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