2019 Playground Duty Hats

My annual pick of the playground duty hats is back, but this time with a twist.

If you can’t even remember buying your last one, then it’s probably time for an update.

When choosing a playground duty hat, the most important things are sun safety, comfort and practicality.

And don’t forget the “No hat, no play” rule. If we are enforcing it on students, then we must be leading by example.

When buying a new hat, keep the following in mind:

  • Comfort – if it isn’t comfy, don’t buy it!
  • Size – make sure the hat is the right size for your head.
  • Style – A wide brim hat is always the best option if you are unsure. Try and steer away from caps as most schools don’t allow students to wear them.
  • Colour – any colour is fine but just remember, lighter colours will get dirtier quicker.
  • Material – in Summer, opt for straw or linen hats. Felt and other heavier materials are best for the cooler months.

The Cancer Council Queensland recommends that you slap on a hat that is:

  • Broad-brimmed and provides good protection for the face, nose, neck and ears, which are common sites for skin cancers (caps and visors do not provide adequate protection).
  • Made with closely woven fabric – if you can see through it, UV radiation will get through.
  • Worn with sunglasses and sunscreen to increase your level of protection.

Find more info here on Sun Protection from the QLD Cancer Council.

I’ve put together a few hats which you can pick up before the 2019 school year starts.

See one that you like, well it could be yours.

Simply leave a comment below saying which hat is your favourite and why and make sure you are following whattheteacherwears on Instagram. You can follow here.

Film by GM Films.

If you just can’t wait, shop each hat.

  1. Sportsgirl Aztec Panama Hat
  2. Big W Wide Brim Hat
  3. Big W Trilby
  4. Target Hat with Flower Detail
  5. Dotti Panama
  6. Sussan Panama
  7. Target Black and White Hat

Entries close 25.01.19 AEST 7am and will be notified by email and mentioned on this post. Australian entries only.

Note Target hats have now sold out online.

What hat would you love to wear in 2019?

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  • avatar
    Peta mumford

    They are all so nice! Favourite has to be the dotti Panama, it would go with lots of outfits and offers enough sun protection too.

  • avatar

    I love the 3rd hat. Big w teilby. With the black strip and neutral tones it will go with Everything! They are all gorgeous though.

  • avatar
    Wendy rObb

    I love the Dotti Panama – it is very practical, stylish & will go with Nearly all my teacher clothes.

  • avatar

    I love the Sportsgirl aztec panama hat! Its so interesting!

  • avatar
    Wendy Robb

    I would love the Dotti Panama Hat. It is not only very practical with its wide brim but so stylish & would compliment many ot my ‘teacher’ outfits.

  • avatar
    Ashley WhitEhead

    I love The sportsgirl TIlby Hat. PraticAl but still super fun, the kids will love it. I adore ghe pim pom details.

  • avatar
    Michelle m

    Great choices! They are all perfect for yard duty, but I would definitely love to add THe dotti panama to my COLLECTion 😍

  • avatar

    Deifnite faves are the bigw trilby and dotti panAma, both are on trend, fun and could woRk and weekend Use, all about cost oer wear!

  • avatar
    Ellen drake

    Dotti panama all the way! It is stylish and also looks breathable so my hair doesn’t get sWeaty. Would go with everything – even the high Vis yard duty Vest!

  • avatar
    Deborah glorie

    I love a good hat but have a big head. My favourite was the DOTTI panama. I loved how simple yet gorgeous it looks. It would also steer me away from my usual black hat that matches my basically black wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration

  • avatar
    Anita Bellchambers

    THANK you for your insight into what is a very important accessory!! 🙂
    I personally Love the dotty Panama. 😉💕

  • avatar
    Karen Hart

    Dotti panama is so versatile!!! DEf a fav….

  • avatar
    klaudija lavrans

    The sportsgirl aztec hat is so fun! what a great way to spice up an outfit

  • avatar

    All these hats look amazing, I love that Alex always has a good variety. I like final target black and white hat as it looks to beautifully shape your face whilst providing lots of fun protection, very essential when you live out west.

  • avatar
    Chloe B

    Love the dotti And SUSsan Panamas but like the colour of the dotti one most of all!

  • avatar
    Hollie king

    Loving the Dotti Panama hat!! Thanks so much for this post! I do need to get myself sorted with a hat BEFore going back on Wednesday! Xo Hollie

  • avatar
    Anna s

    The Dotti panAma for sure! The versatiLity alone gives it bonus points and it would easily transition me from playground to the beach once that long awaited hometime bell rings!

  • avatar
    Jak Baer

    I’d love to win The big w wide brim hat – I love it as it’s classic, timeless and will do a great job of keeping the sun off my pale, freckly face 😂

  • avatar

    The SportSGirl Aztec is amazing! I’m in love 😍

  • avatar

    I really like the black big w one… would go with lots of outfits and be very versatile.

  • avatar

    I love these hatS! ThaNk you for the suggestions. I love the Black wide brimmed hat, perfect hat to match all school outfits 💕

  • avatar

    Ih my gosh I love the aztec hat! This would jazz up any outfit at work & meet our sunsafe policy!

  • avatar
    Amanda S

    Loving numbers 3,5,6 thEy arent to big, very stylish and can pair up with anything, any seasOn

  • avatar

    This almOst makes me look forward to DUty again🤠 i really like the target flower and black and white and dotti panama looks great for work and weeekend wear.

  • avatar

    they are all so nice! I think big w trilby and the last taRget one are my favs. Going back aftEr a yEar and a half on mAternity leave so deFinitEly need to update my hat game!

  • avatar
    Joanne Harband

    All the hats are perfect but My favourites are:
    The Sportsgirl aztec panama AND ALSO the BIG w Trilby.

    Sadly I do remember my last playground hat purchase – an Aldi special….

    definitely time for a new hat!

  • avatar

    ThE Sportsgirl Aztec hat is fabulous!!! It is just sO different to all of the others. 💕💕

  • avatar
    Shandell Gammon

    The Sportsgirl Aztec hat as I love the colours in it!

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