2020 Playground Hats

Here we go, my round up of playground hats for 2020.

This post is for those who are just about to commence their first year of teaching, pre=service teachers or those who can’t remember the last time they updated their playground duty hat.

When choosing a hat for school, the most important things are sun safety, comfort and practicality.

And don’t forget the “No hat, no play” rule. If we are enforcing it on students, then we must be leading by example.

When buying a new hat, keep the following in mind:

  • Comfort – if it isn’t comfy, don’t buy it!
  • Size – make sure the hat is the right size for your head.
  • Style – A wide brim hat is always the best option if you are unsure. Try and steer away from caps as most schools don’t allow students to wear them.
  • Colour – any colour is fine but just remember, lighter colours will get dirtier quicker.
  • Material – in Summer, opt for straw or linen hats. Felt and other heavier materials are best for the cooler months.

The Cancer Council Queensland recommends that you slap on a hat that is:

  • Broad-brimmed and provides good protection for the face, nose, neck and ears, which are common sites for skin cancers (caps and visors do not provide adequate protection).
  • Made with closely woven fabric – if you can see through it, UV radiation will get through.
  • Worn with sunglasses and sunscreen to increase your level of protection.

Find more info here on Sun Protection from the QLD Cancer Council.

I’ve put together a few hats which you can pick up before the 2020 school year starts.

I’ve added some visor options this year. Greta for those normally wear their hair in a bun or teaching a sport.

Bondi Beach Bag Co Sally Bucket Hat $49.95

Target Straw Visor $15

Glassons Gingham Bucket Hat $19.95 – sold out online.

Sportsgirl Emma Panama $39.95

Piper Fedora with Trim $25

Trent Nathan Roll Up Visor $29.95

Sportsgirl Boater with Bow $39.95 – sold out online

There you have it.

My Playground Hats for 2020.

Which one would you wear?

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