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For my 2021 playground duty hat round up, I’m mixing things up around here.

This year, all hats featured are from Rigon Headwear.

Did you know, Rigon Headwear have been designing hats for the whole family for over fifty years?! They are an iconic Australian brand who you can trust to deliver the latest styles with an emphasis on sun protection that is necessary for our harsh climate (and while on playground duty).

Rigon are headwear experts and every hat in the range is really of excellent quality.  They manage to offer this quality at very affordable prices.

Rigon have various collections – and not just for us ladies. Many of their hats are unisex and there is a kid’s line too. 

If you are like me and unsure of what size your head is and which size you need to buy, Rigon have you covered (literally).

Most of their hats have been designed with Rigon’s Comfy-fit size adjustor or a drawstring, so choosing the right size is not a problem. Here is an image of the Comfy-Fit size adjuster.

So simple, yet so effective to guarantee the perfect fit for you every time.

One of the standout features of Rigon Headwear to me are the hats made of Flexibraid®.

Now ladies let me ask you, how many times have you thrown your hat in your bag or car to find it resembling more of a squashed banana rather than a hat?!

Rigon’s Flexibraid® will ensure your hat is always looking its best.

The Flexibraid® range is travel friendly, water friendly, provides UPF50+ sun-protection, wind resistant (prefect for those windy playground duty days), is lightweight plus has the Comfy-Fit Adjustment.

And the best part, it packs flat!

Look at how easy it is.

Now, when it comes to choosing a hat for school, the most important things to look for are:

  1. sun safety
  2. comfort
  3. practicality

The Cancer Council recommends hats that are:

  • Broad-brimmed and provide good protection for the face, nose, neck and ears, which are common sites for skin cancers (caps and visors do not provide adequate protection).
  • Made with closely woven fabric – if you can see through it, UV radiation will get through.
  • Worn with sunglasses and sunscreen to increase your level of protection.

One of the reasons I have teamed up with Rigon Headwear is because they take sun safety very seriously whether it be in its BeforeDark /Tina M range www.rigonheadwear.com.au or their exciting travel/lifestyle range under the Evoke label www.evokeheadwear.com.au.

When perusing the Rigon and Evoke sites, you will find all the info you need before purchasing a hat including:

  • The colours available.
  • Sizes that it comes in.
  • A blurb about each hat.
  • The material/s it is made from.
  • Its features.

All of this information Rigon provides really does take the guessing out of, ‘Will this hat be best suited to me?’.

Now, as teachers, we simply can’t forget the “No hat, no play” rule. If we are enforcing it on students, then we must be leading by example. So to help you out with this, I’ve chosen my favourite hats from Rigon Headwear to rock for 2021 in the playground and beyond.

Plus keep reading to find a sneaky discount code for you to grab your own Rigon hat for the 2021 school year.

To make shopping for your hat simpler, I have linked each product below to take you straight to Rigon Headwear’s site.

Let’s start with the Pana-Mate Fedora.

The Pana-Mate Fedora is from the BeforeDark Collection and is made from Flexibraid® that will keep its shape and is crush resistant, colour fast, lightweight, contains UPF50+ sun protection and is hard wearing (prefect for any teacher). The Pana-Mate comes in a range of colours but I couldn’t go past the ivory and natural. These colours will work back with any of your outfits being neutral tones. This is also a unisex style.

Pana-Mate Fedora Ivory $59.95

Pana-Mate Fedora Ivory $59.95

Pana-Mate Fedora Natural $59.95

Pana-Mate Fedora Natural $59.95

Now ladies, let me introduce you to the Caroline Fedora.

The Caroline Fedora is a Wash ’n Wear Style. This is another practical material created by Evoke using a knitted process which allows the hats to be packed inside a bag and still retain their shape. The Caroline will also provide you with maximum UPF50+ sun-protection. She also contains the Comfy-Fit internal size adjust and comes in 4 colours which are Mixed Black, Mixed Blue, Suede and Wheat.

Caroline Fedora Wheat $49.95

Caroline Fedora Wheat $49.95

Are you on the summer raffia trend? Then Ash Raffia is for you.

The Ladies Ash Raffia Fedora contains hand woven fibres of all-natural Madagascan raffia, creating a lightweight and durable hat which maintains its shape. With an 8 cm flat brim the Ash Raffia is finished with a thin twisted strand of raffia accented with a wooden bead. She is also travel friendly, wind resistant and contains the Comfy-Fit adjustor. Ash Raffia is available in 2 colours, Natural and Dusty Blue.

Ash Raffia Fedora Dusty Blue $89.95

Ash Raffia Fedora Dusty Blue $89.95

Now I don’t normally like to pick favourites, but if I had to, the Fiona Wide Brim Fedora would certainly be one of them.

The Fiona Wide Brim Fedora is another style of the Flexibraid® family. She also provides maximum UPF50+ sun-protection, the Comfy-Fit internal size adjustor and can even be worn in the rain (perfect for those wet weather days). The Fiona is also lightweight, hard wearing and is crushable. The Fiona Wide Brim Fedora comes in 2 colours – Ivory and Taupe.

Fiona Wide Brim Fedora Taupe $59.95

Fiona Wide Brim Fedora Taupe $59.95

Here is another unisex for you to share (or keep to yourself) this is the BEST SELLER Lionel Trilby.

The Lionel Trilby is a very smart unisex Fedora style hat which will suit any outdoor function.  Suitable for school, a BBQ or any casual event. Lionel is a UPF 50+ sun protective hat which once again contains the internal Comfy-Fit adjuster providing you with the right customised fit, every time.  Lionel is travel friendly, crushable and wind resistant.  

Lionel Trilby White/Black $45

Lionel Trilby White/Black $45

After a compact ultra-lightweight hat? Then the Maddi Ladies Fedora is for you.

The Maddi Ladies Fedora is another Wash ’n Wear Style. She is wind and water resistant and travel friendly. Maddi has been designed using contrasting colours of fine polyfibre and is maximum UPF50+ sun-protection. Inside you will see that she is lined and comes with the Comfy-Fit Adjustor. Maddi is available in 3 colours which are Mixed Brown, Mixed Pink and Mixed Seafoam.

Maddi Fedora Mixed Seafoam $49.95

Maddi Fedora Mixed Seafoam $49.95

It’s now time to say hello to Britt Raffia Breton.

The Ladies Britt Raffia Breton is a hand crocheted style made from Madagascan raffia and has a coordinated raffia trim. She is s lightweight and durable hat which maintains its shape. Britt is Resistant to wind with an 8.5 cm upturned brim and finished with a thin twisted strand of raffia accented with a wooden bead. She is also travel friendly, wind resistant and contains the Comy-Fit adjustor. Britt Raffia Brenton is available in 2 colours.

Britt Raffia Breton $89.95

Britt Raffia Breton $89.95

If you are a monochrome girl at heart then the Palmer Fedora is for you.

The unisex Palmer Fedora has been created using UPF50+ material. This unisex fedora is designed by weaving finely braided strands of Flexibraid® into an ultra-lightweight and durable hat which maintains its shape. The Palmer Fedora is resistant to wind and water and contains the Comfy-Fit size adjustor.

If you are a golfer, then look no further. There is a magnet, hidden in the side of the headband, is designed to keep your golf ball-marker handy.

Palmer Unisex Fedora $59.95

Palmer Unisex Fedora $59.95

And last but certainly not least, here is the Bella Fedora.

The Bella Fedora is apart of the Designer Collection Tina M Copenhagen Range. She has been created from the finest Madagascan Raffia Braid. The Bella Fedora is sophisticated, unique, very stylish and totally comfortable hat. To top Bella’s look of, she has a 100% leather trim in a sophisticated knot on the side. She has an internal drawstring size adjustor and UPF50+. You will be the envy of your friends or colleagues when you are wearing Bella.

Bella Fedora $139.95

Bella Fedora $139.95

As you can see Rigon and Evoke Headwear have us covered when it comes to hats for the 2021 school year.

To have you looking chic in the playground this year, Rigon and Evoke are offering a discount code for all whattheteacherwears followers.

Enter the code WTTW10 for 10% off at the checkout until January 31 2021.

Be sure to keep your receipt, as you may be able to claim your hat back as a work expensive when completing your taxes but check with your accountant first.

As I mentioned above, I usually don’t pick favourites, but I couldn’t go past Fiona and Bella.

Which style will be your go to?

This is a sponsored post with Rigon Headwear.

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